Use Multi-Purpose Church Furniture to Save Money and Space

Traditionally, churches had a lot of space and each room had a purpose. There was a room for worship, a separate room for meetings, a hall for meals, and classrooms.  Recently, many churches are using smaller spaces and the room has to serve many purposes.  It is important to choose church furniture that can function in many different contexts to be efficient in space and finances.Church furniture for fellowship

New Chairs for Churches

Gone are the days of hard, wooden pews.  Not only are they unpractical for a multi-purpose room, but they aren’t very welcoming or cozy.  Today churches have a variety of choices for church chairs.  Single cushioned chairs can be easily lined in rows for a worship service. These chairs work well around tables for a meal or meeting too.  Many churches choose stacking chairs because they can be easily put one on top of another and moved out of the way to make an open space.

What Type of Table is Best?

If using a space for any type of meeting or meal, you will need tables for the church.  Consider what the tables will be needed for, and choose a style or a combination of styles to meet your needs.  Round tables work well for casual occasions that encourage interaction among people such as meals and social events.  Rectangular options are a good choice for meetings and learning environments.  Many churches decide on a variety so that they have the option of using different styles at different times.  Material choices include plywood, heavy-duty plastic resin, and sturdy laminate.  Most of them fold up for easy storage so they can be moved out of the way when they are not needed.

Furniture for Children

When considering a furniture purchase don’t forget meeting the needs of the children in your congregation.  We offer a variety of children’s chairs and tables that are durable and just the right size for children to be comfortable while they are working and learning.

If you’re looking at new furniture for your church, we would be happy to help you find products that meet your needs.  Whether you are trying to save space or money, contact us to find chairs, tables, and other furniture that will work best in your situation.

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