Turn Holiday Church Goers Into Regulars

As the holiday season draws nearer, Church attendance tends to rise. For individuals and families who aren’t church regulars, Easter, Christmas, and Mother’s Day are the days throughout the year with the highest church attendance. It’s a good time for churches to attract new members or reconnect with members who’ve let their attendance slip.

When looking for a new church, people look for somewhere they feel comfortable, both in the message being preached and the surroundings. This brings us to our forte- church furniture and furnishings.

There are four main areas of most churches that are important to furnish well. The entrance, the sanctuary, the fellowship hall, and classrooms for youth and adult studies. Church buildings can vary greatly in both size and styles, but most tend to have these areas open to the public on a weekly basis.

Church Furniture from Worthington Direct

Church entryways are the first place a new visitor is greeted and are the last place they typically see as they exit.

Make it count.

Warm smiles and genuine handshakes are by far the most important things to offer your guests.

But be practical as well.

Provide coat racks for your guests’ heavy winter coats, and keep umbrella stands handy for rainy weather days. Add planter boxes to your church foyer to soften the space and offer home-like warmth.

Coat Racks & Umbrella Stands by Magnuson
Coat Racks & Umbrella Stands by Magnuson

Now enter the heart of the church, the sanctuary. While many churches rely on simple folding chairs, more and more churches are turning towards pew-style stackable church chairs for the greatest versatility. Pew style stacking chairs often have a “wing back” to them, so that the seat back “wings” make contact with one another, creating the look of a continuous row of pew seating. Most pew style stacking chairs have a “ganging” feature that holds the church chairs tightly together, creating tightly fitting, semi-permanent rows of chairs.

Chase Oaks Church Sanctuary Seating designed by GGF
Chase Oaks Church Sanctuary Seating designed by GGF

Church seating on the sanctuary floor is just as important as the clergy seating on stage. Pulpit furniture is typically more decorative and has wood finishes to compliment traditional church architecture. Chancel areas may also include choir risers and musician chairs that provide the proper pitch for glorious sounds. Add acoustical wall panels and projection screens for media and special performances.

Once the service is over, guests and members head into the fellowship hall for holiday meals, special celebrations and general merriment.

During the holiday season when guests are visiting, have extra tables and chairs available so that everyone feels welcome.

Consider space saving folding table and chair sets that can easily be pulled out of storage when extra table settings are needed. Top with a tablecloth and you can make them blend in with any of you existing tables seamlessly.


Folding Table & Chairs from NPS
Folding Table & Chairs from NPS

The fellowship hall is a great place to post bulletins to entice guests to come back as regulars. Add enclosed bulletin boards to easily change out messages or post upcoming events. Create a collage of photos from past events to engage new members and for existing members to enjoy. Include soft seating for casual visitation and relaxation when fellow church members.

Whether complimentary or for local fundraising  church coffee bars complete with cafe tables and barstools have become very popular.

Chase Oaks Church coffee bar station designed by GFF
Chase Oaks Church coffee bar designed by GFF

Many churches are fortunate to have classroom space to educate the church youth and for church elders to further their religious studies. Church classrooms are a great place to use collaborative furniture that bring members together in study. Include whiteboards for instruction and storage for reference materials.

Youth classrooms and church nurseries can be very important to new families that are looking for a safe and nurturing space for their children to grow spiritually.

Youth Stack Chairs by Marco Group
Youth Stack Chairs by Marco Group

This weekend take a look around your church and see if there are simple ways you can make improvements to your space before the holiday guests arrive. Start a committee and contact Worthington Direct to get a custom quote for any new church furniture you may need. We’d love to help you turn occasional guests into church regulars.

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