Church Seating for the Holidays

It is a well-observed fact – as the holiday season draws nearer, Church attendance tends to rise. Having adequate church furniture and seating can be very important. While many Churches rely on simple folding chairs, more and more Churches are turning towards pew-style stackable church chairs for their versatility. Pew style stacking chairs generally have a “wing back” to them, so that the seat back “wings” make contact with one another, creating the look of a continuous row of pew seating most associated with Churches. Most pew style stacking chairs have a “ganging” feature that holds the church chairs tightly together, creating tightly fitting, semi-permanent rows of chairs.

Pew style chairs can be upholstered with fabric to closely mimic the fabric used on your existing pews or elsewhere in your church for the best match. Although folding chairs may only serve the function of overflow seating a couple of times a year, pew style stacking chairs allow you to add semi-permanent seating and capacity to your sanctuary that can be moved to other areas of the church for uses in events like banquets or private church meetings or for choir practice. Stacking church chairs stack easily to make room for large events, and can be moved easily using a wide variety of standard chair dollies.

Folding Chair on a Chair Cart
If you still need folding chairs for your Church, don’t forget you have several options here as well. If quick setup and storage space is a concern, plastic stacking chairs are an excellent choice. They are light weight, and stack very compactly. Plastic stacking chairs are also more comfortable than a steel folding chair in colder climates. Steel stacking chairs are extremely durable, and are much quieter when the congregation rises and sits for songs. Steel chairs can be purchased with integrated padding as well.

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