Church Furniture You Might Not Know You Need

Someone mentions church furniture and you might immediately think of wooden pulpits, communion tables, baptismal fonts and tithe boxes. These are traditional furniture pieces found in most church sanctuaries that are seen on Sunday mornings and during special church events such as weddings. But most churches have a vast life beyond their sanctuary. Let’s explore other church furniture items you might not know you need.

Fellowship rooms are often utilized for many functions, from dining areas to recreational activities and games. To make the most out of your church’s fellowship area, make sure that you have plenty of folding tables on hand that can easily be set-up and then stored away when not in use. Folding chairs are a great option to provide movable seating, while stack chairs are just as portable once stacked onto chair dollies. Keep your church events posted in this high traffic area with enclosed bulletin boards that act as a directory for all to see. These areas are also an ideal place to put your recycling bins to support community stewardship.Recycle bins for your church

These multipurpose rooms also make great multi-media rooms. Gear up with TV carts, projector mounts, projector screens and computer carts to house your church’s technology equipment. Maybe your church is fortunate enough to have a library of digital tablets or laptops for use by its members? Keep these portable devices secure and charged with a tablet or laptop storage cart.

Sunday school rooms or Bible study classrooms are a great space to use collaborate learning furniture, such as modular desks. For younger classrooms be sure that your furniture is appropriate in height and don’t be afraid to use colorful tables and chairs to engage young minds. Keep toys and learning materials stored away with storage cubbies or perhaps individual locker nooks.

If your church has a nursery, did you know that your cribs must meet federal safety requirements? The standards recently changed and you may need to check the compliancy on your nursery cribs. Outfit your church nursery with glider rockers so that caregivers can provide a soothing environment in your place of worship. Add color and warmth to your floor with religious carpets that are built for commercial use.

Our last stop of the church furniture tour leads us into the office. Make sure you have a suitable office desk, comfortable office chair and plenty of file cabinets to keep your office in top shape. Literature and pamphlet racks are great way to manage church programs and announcements. Use appropriate sized cork boards or white boards to make reminder lists and inspirational notes.

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  1. Something else to keep in mind is also the various types of pulpit furniture that pele often over look such as water tables, flower tables, baptismal fonts (if used) and offering tables. The largest oversight that we’ve seen in the last 22 years is baptistry heaters. That has always been an oversight and churches will often call back months after an order to order a churchrite heater of some type.

  2. Thanks for the advise how to arrange everything in our church. This is really helpful as concerning furniture arrangement in the church

  3. Thank you for sharing this! You’ve given me wonderful ideas on what furniture to buy for our church.

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