4 Logical Choices for Children Church Service Furniture

A church strives to be age-friendly and respectful. While older members of the congregation understand the purpose of a service, little ones are often confused. Recent studies have shown that a separate area for tots and youngsters is more advantageous for control and learning. The right furnishings within this room can help to keep everything better organized and available for other uses after the service is over.

Preschool 3-Piece Contour Seating Group by Childrens Factory




Cubbies are attractive and useful for church furniture. They come in different sized compartments, are available in mobile units and removable tubs. Natural wood compartments or colorful trays provide quick and organized collection of toys and other small objects.


Flexible Seating

Stacked chairs, adjustable stools or soft ottomans will make Bible story time exciting and fun. Colorful chairs that can be easily stacked and placed along a wall safe space when classundefined is over. Adjustable stools are perfect for getting active kids to sit still. Soft ottomans and stools make them eager for activity time. Find out how church chairs can be comfortable and age-appropriate.


Activity Rugs

Babies and toddlers may not be able to comprehend a biblical lesson, but visual aids presented in a religious-based theme rug will keep their attention. 100% nylon and Scotchguard treated, the fun adventures will stay in their little minds. Animals, nature, shapes and activities are also choices for keeping small ones entertained.

Floor Furniture

Tell kids to kick off their shoes and sit around an activity table on a soft floor rocker. The excitement of today’s lesson will be eagerly anticipated as kids rock and lean in their special seats. Low-lying church tables are available in a variety of shapes and styles for anxious youngsters to interact with other kids gathered around.


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