Whiteboard Blues? Glass Can Help!

Dry erase boards have become a tremendous part of our lives. We use them at work, at school, and even at church. As much as they have been helpful, they have also sometimes proven frustrating. As they age, or as we use the wrong cleaners, they can begin to look dingy or become inhabited by ghosts of images past. Many of them have to be replaced after only a couple of years of heavy use, and although they are sleeker than chalkboards, they lack the modern style many buildings deserve. Thankfully, glass dry erase boards can get the job done, and with additional benefits, both with functionality and in form.Glass Dry Erase Whiteboard

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3 Classroom Dry Erase Board Games for Elementary School Teachers

It’s no secret that games help keep children entertained in the classroom, but did you know the endless possibilities for learning and entertainment with dry erase boards? Learn how to energize your students with dry erase boards on hand.

3 Classroom Dry Erase Board Games for Elementary School Teachers

Whether your classroom has a wall mounted whiteboard, portable dry erase board or individual student lap boards, these activities are an interactive way to reinforce lessons.

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How It’s Made- Dry Erase Boards

They hang on your wall, they roll around on portable frames and sometimes they hold all the answers- they’re your ever helpful dry erase board! You may take the largest communication tool you use on a regular basis for granted.  But have you ever wondered, how is a dry erase board made?

The Science Channel’s binge worthy TV series “How It’s Made”, recently filmed at the Best-Rite whiteboard factory. If you’ve ever shopped for dry erase boards on the Worthington Direct website, you’ve probably seen Best-Rite boards. You might even have one hanging on a wall near you.

Watch the “How It’s Made” segment to watch dry erase boards being rolled out, hot off the press!

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Teach, Tutor, and Collaborate with Easels

Among the many critical skills that students must develop at an early age are motor, cognitive, and social skills.  The earlier children develop these skills, the better it helps them perform in future classes as well as their professional careers.  Learning tools such as Easels can help develop these critical skills while also providing a flexible visual teaching aid for multiple classroom subjects and multiple grade levels.  Integrating easels in your classroom helps students develop their cognitive skills by visualizing their creative ideas, understand different artistic perspectives, and allows them to express themselves thus boosting their self esteem and confidence.

When looking for an easel for your learning environment, there are several factors below that can help guide your search:

Art Station Easels

Finger painting, shapes drawing, and imaginations run wild with Art Easels.  Designed for early school grades such as Kindergarten, art easels allow children to draw fun ideas and visualize how they see the world.  Many art easels also include storage cubbies and drawers for an all-inclusive drawing solution with ample space for multiple students to express their ideas.  The 4 Station Art Easel by Jonti-Craft provides a practical solution while offering ample storage, drawing space, and accessories to accommodate multiple teaching scenarios.

4 Station Art Easel by Jonti-Craft

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