K12 STEAM Education Creates Skills for the Future

Science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics education, or STEAM, is an important topic in the education community. STEAM programs teach your kids essential skills beyond robotics and high-level math. A STEAM enriched K12 education teaches children and teenagers how to work in teams, manage projects, and research anything.

STEAM illustration from NYC Department of Design and Construction

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Keep Your Makerspace Free from Power Cords with These Three Changes

Makerspaces don’t have to be dangerous. But, by their very nature, there are a lot of hazardous tools, sharp equipment, and potential trip hazards around the room. This is just as true in a community-hosted makerspace as in a STEM classroom. While you can’t remove every potential danger without completely emptying out the room, you can design the space to remove one of the most prevalent tripping hazards: power cords.

Here are three tools that can help your makerspace be as cord-free as possible:

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Building Foundations for STEM Education

The Value of Early Training in STEM for 21st Century Skills.

The primary school years are important  for encouraging healthy attitudes of curiosity and creativity that are part of a science and mathematics interest. However, education has to be developmentally appropriate. Discovery and exploration are key parts of early child education that are part of the STEM fields. Critical thinking and problem-solving are components of scientific thinking

Makerspace STEM Classroom design from Mooreco


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