Is It Time To Update Your School’s Furniture?

With summer winding down, it’s back to school season again which means ensuring you have the right resources and a prepared learning environment for a productive school year.  Safety, comfort, and a welcoming atmosphere are paramount for academic institutions so updating your school furniture accordingly can definitely help.  Here are several ways to determine if it’s time to pull the trigger on new furniture.

The first obvious sign is furniture that is cracked, chipped, or has other physical damage. Keep a running list of questionable chairs, fixtures, tables, etc. so you can assess what needs to be replaced immediately based on your school’s budget.  The last thing any school needs is to create any unnecessary liabilities.

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March is National Music in Our Schools Month

According to National Education Partnership, music helps students in a variety of ways, including cultivating better thinking skills and strengthening perseverance and creativity. Every March, educational institutions across the country celebrate Music in Our Schools Month (MISOM), a special event that’s strongly supported by the National Association for Music Education. They normally help the festivities along by providing participating educators with a variety of complimentary audio files and promotional materials. However, institutions that choose to join in on the fun will need age-appropriate school furniture on hand as well. That said, here’s a look at several items that will surely help enhance your music room and make any MIOSM 2015 event memorable.

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NPS Offers Free Shipping on Stages and Risers

With graduation ceremonies just around the corner, NPS’s offer of free shipping on all of their stages, risers and accessories couldn’t be better news. High schools, colleges and universities face a spike in budget expenses when planning for graduation season. These special events require more than just furniture for the students gaining their diplomas, but also require consideration for all of the family, friends and guest that will be in attendance.

To help with these expensive events, anyone can now purchase any NPS brand stage, seated riser, choral risers and staging accessories and have the shipping fee completely waived!

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