Is It Time To Update Your School’s Furniture?

With summer winding down, it’s back to school season again which means ensuring you have the right resources and a prepared learning environment for a productive school year.  Safety, comfort, and a welcoming atmosphere are paramount for academic institutions so updating your school furniture accordingly can definitely help.  Here are several ways to determine if it’s time to pull the trigger on new furniture.

The first obvious sign is furniture that is cracked, chipped, or has other physical damage. Keep a running list of questionable chairs, fixtures, tables, etc. so you can assess what needs to be replaced immediately based on your school’s budget.  The last thing any school needs is to create any unnecessary liabilities.

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3 Lockers Your School Needs

Students need lockers to store textbooks and protect their personal belongings while they’re in school for the day. New lockers may seem like a hefty investment, however, updating your school’s lockers can refresh the building and deliver more efficient upkeep, both for students and for janitorial staff.

Lockers have a long shelf life and with some of these new locker options, your investment now will be bring benefits to your campus for years to come.

3 Lockers Your School Needs

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School Lockers: A How To

Found on eHow, there is an entire series of videos giving detailed advice on all things school locker related. School lockers are somewhat of a safe haven for students gear and books. Here are some of the video topics to help improve locker organization with help from a high school honor roll student:

How to Open a School Locker
How to Organize Your School Locker
How to Personalize Your School Locker
Why Do Schools Need Lockers?
How to Clean School Lockers

and a very fun-
How to Decorate a Locker for a Birthday

How to Decorate a Locker for a Birthday — powered by