Are Your Seating Arrangements Mobile?

There was a time when teachers would change their student desk arrangements maybe once or twice a year– or by marking period if students were lucky. In today’s education, the classroom layout may need to change a few times a day. To meet these demands, teachers have been looking for classroom furniture that is easy to move from traditional seating, to centers, or into a classroom discussion arrangement. The right furniture can make a big difference when setting up a mobile classroom.

Apex Gem Desks & Chairs by Marco Group

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K12 STEAM Education Creates Skills for the Future

Science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics education, or STEAM, is an important topic in the education community. STEAM programs teach your kids essential skills beyond robotics and high-level math. A STEAM enriched K12 education teaches children and teenagers how to work in teams, manage projects, and research anything.

STEAM illustration from NYC Department of Design and Construction

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Ensure a Smooth Start to Your School Year With These Back to School Organization Tips

It’s that time of year again. Veteran teachers and newbies alike find themselves scrambling for those last-minute touches on their classroom. With new students to get to know, supplies to sort through, lessons to plan, and a classroom to decorate, it is easy for teachers to become overwhelmed. Make the transition smoother with these five organization tips.

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