COVID-19 and Your Classroom: Teaching During the New Normal

With the threat of disease, many things have had to change, among them how we handle education. With many schools having been closed all spring, teachers and school administrators are having to consider what classrooms are going to look like come fall. Here are a few things to think about as we prepare for our “new normal.”




Covid prevention hinges on social distancing, but how will that be possible in the classroom? Most models for what education will look like when we return to school in the fall is a socially distanced classroom, with desk positioned six feet apart. Desks and tables that are easily moved, such as the Shapes Desk by Mooreco, will make this easier. Virtual education may be utilized as well. So teachers will need to be flexible and adaptable when it comes to classroom management this fall.



Cleanliness has always been an important part of disease management in the classroom. But with coronavirus, it’s more important than ever. Surfaces will need to be disinfected multiple times a day. It’ll also be important to furnish your classroom with surfaces that are easily wiped down. This doesn’t mean everything will have to be hard and uncomfortable, though. Classroom furnishings such as Smith System’s Soft Rocker or Oodle Stool provide flexible, comfortable seating options that can easily be disinfected between students.



Good student hygiene such as hand washing has always been emphasized in a school setting. but you may have to make new rules, such as regarding mask-wearing. Any teacher knows how quickly colds and the flu can spread throughout the classroom, and it’ll be especially important now. A strong emphasis on frequent hand washing and hand sanitizer use will be a common theme in classrooms this fall.

Classrooms in the era of covid may be different than what we are used to, but with preparation and planning, we can navigate this “new normal.”

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How Soft Seating and Planner Tables Improve Educational Focus

With all a teacher does today, very little of it is at their own discretion. Most of it is set forth by committee, through legislature, et cetera. Classroom layout, however, is one area over which a teacher often retains full control.

The teacher should be able to justify the layout of the classroom based on certain educational objectives, according to environmental psychologist Robert Sommer, there is no ideal classroom for all educational exercises.

Soft Seating by Smith System

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5 Stations Your Elementary Classroom Has to Have

Reading, writing, and math are essential subjects that need to fit into a typical school day. But every elementary school teacher knows that these subjects can prove impossible to teach if students aren’t able to sit in their chairs and pay attention. A popular way to combat the high energy of the young child while providing opportunities to learn is the infamous “center time.”

Reading Hideaway by Jonti-Craft

Anticipated by teachers and students alike (for different reasons!), center time is a great way to get your students moving and learning independently. If you’re looking to enhance your center time, take a look at this must-have stations.

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Inspire your Students with Collaborative Furniture

Students of all ages learn best when they have the opportunity to teach one another and brainstorm ideas. Our wide range of collaborative furniture makes that goal achievable with beautiful, flexible arrangements for all classroom levels.



Pre-K and Lower Elementary

Dry Erase Floor Tables & Sonik Rocker Package Sets by Marco Group

Dry-erase floor tables offer a coffee-table learning experience and endless opportunities to visit and revisit new ideas. See how your students’ ideas blossom when everyone has a chance to contribute! Enhance quiet time with table games and coloring challenges to spark collaborative learning.


Ride the wave of education with the Surf! This seat and desk combination gives students ownership over their own space no matter where they are. Whether you’re taking your class to the Planetarium or just showing them a movie, these desks give the children a flexible work space.


Upper Elementary and Middle

Keep group projects organized with the Creator Table. Separate it into three parts so each team can work on their own piece, then bring them together for the final collaboration. Available in standard neutral finish and dry erase, this table is flexible enough to handle even the most tumultuous group. dry-erase-creator-table-hierarchy-chair-packages-by-balt

If your group projects are more geared toward solo aspect creation and subsequent collaboration, consider Shapes Desk. Individual desks fit together to give students the space they need to focus and a large surface on which to finish.


High School and Beyond

Collaborative technological training, distance learning, and presentations are made easy with the Interchange Engage Multimedia table. Keep the screen front and center while still allowing students to communicate effectively with this peanut-shaped table–or combine two for a functional conference-style experience!

Comfort enables learning. Mix and match sit or stand tables enable a flexible collaborative experience by allowing students to be comfortable without leaving the discussion.

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