Maximize Your Space With Portable Partitions

Whether you’re in a classroom or an office, ample space is often a scarce resource. At times, you have to be really creative with the space you do have, making every square foot multi-functional. With this in mind, many people have found partitions and room dividers to be an easy answer to the space dilemma. Portable dividers allow you to change the layout and flow of any given space–and change it again at a moment’s notice.

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Portable Partitions: Dividing Rooms During Holiday Festivities

Portable partitions in the office and classroom might look overly familiar if you’ve ever dealt with isolating distractions in limited spaces. Screenflex Partition- Create a Party SpaceBecause distractions can be a major problem for some, having a partition is going to be essential in keeping a sense of focus. Especially during the holiday season, having a partition in an office or classroom might be mandatory when some employees and students have to work rather than enjoy a party.

Look for various partitions that can be sound proof or hold marker boards so classes or employee collaborations can go on without interruption. They also come in various heights to avoid any temptation to peek over the top at the holiday party happening on the other side.

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Screenflex Partitions- More Than Just Room Dividers

In addition to being a fantastic divider of space, room dividers have many uses which you may not have known about. Screenflex room dividers come in various heights and lengths. Offered are 38 exciting colors and 5 fabulous fabrics to choose from. These options allow you to customize your dividers to suit your specific needs or customize your dividers to be used again and again for a multitude of purposes. Here are some ways to use Screenflex:

Screenflex School Gym Conversion Into Classroom

Create Classroom Space

Depending on the type and size of classroom you need, Screenflex offers various heights and lengths to customize the perfect size walls for your school. Setting up a classroom with Screenflex is simple. For example, with one 13 panel room divider you can create several options for an open classroom for your students. If your room is 24′ wide, you can divide the room in half creating two 12′ rooms. Your second option uses the same 13 panel room divider and one wall by bending the divider into an “L” shape. This option creates an approximate 13′ x 11′ room. Another choice includes creating a “U” shaped room by using one wall and bending the 13 panel divider into a “U” shape, creating an approximate 7’4″ x 7’4″ room. There are many different size rooms you can create with Screenflex.

Direct Traffic Flow

Screenflex room dividers can be set up in minutes to direct the flow of traffic. Use room dividers instead of manpower to direct students or parents where they need to go. You will also see Screenflex at airports to designate a closed terminal or to re-route traffic. Several room dividers can be latched together with multi-unit connectors to create endless divider length.

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Survive the Modern Day Cube Farm With Screenflex

Screenflex cubical products from Worthington Direct,, make today’s cube workplace more productive and enjoyable. Here’s a short handbook about how to be a good cubicle neighbor.

  • Do not barge into someone’s cubicle space. Seek permission with a “knock” on the partition. Or try for some eye contact that tells you, “Yes, I can talk now.”
  • When walking by, refrain from glancing into everyone’s space, craning your neck to see over partitions or staring at computer screens. And it’s always bad form to hold impromptu meetings next to someone’s cubicle wall.
  • Go to the supply closet rather than “borrow” office provisions from other people’s desks.
  • Even though you can clearly hear others’ phone conversations, they are private. Don’t comment or ask questions about them.
  • Leave voice mail or send e-mail when you want to talk to someone who’s on the phone. It’s not appropriate to stare at them until they hang up.
  • Your phone is a marvelous piece of technology. Keep your voice low and you’ll still be heard on the other end. Some exuberant people must develop a softer telephone voice.
  • Put your telephone ringer on low and do the same with your computer volume. Better yet, mute your computer. Pagers and cell phones should be on vibrate.
  • For private phone conversations use your cell phone away from the office or use a telephone in an unoccupied meeting room.
  • Meet with clients and other guests in a conference room or other area away from the cube farm.
  • Give a thought as to whether your office decorations, which are in plain view, might offend someone.
  • Try not to shout questions or regale co-workers with anecdotes over the partitions.
  • Restrain yourself from popping gum, clipping fingernails, cracking knuckles, smacking while eating, singing, drumming fingers or nervous tapping of any kind and refreshing your cologne. Phew.

Built for durability and versatility, Screenflex boasts anodized hinges; sound absorbing panels, self-leveling casters and control hinges locking panels in place. With a wide variety of fabrics, colors and sizes available, these room dividers will undoubtedly enhance and maximize the space in any office. Visit Worthington Direct at to find room dividers offering your employees the best in sound diverting, visually appealing office partitions! Click here or on the picture to see and learn more about Screenflex products.

Screenflex wallmounted partition

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