Café Furniture Sets for Growing Businesses

Now that your business is growing, you realize that it’s time to create a break room that’s big enough to accommodate everyone on staff, but how? We’d like to suggest that you consider purchasing café furniture sets. Since they are sold as packages, furnishing an entire room is quick, affordable and painless. Plus, there are a number of different café sets to choose from. Here’s a rundown on five of the best ones:

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Installing Bike Racks May Help to Improve Students’ Health Outcomes

One easy and cost-effective way to improve your students’ health is to encourage bicycling.

School or City Bike Rack

Research has shown that almost half of all adolescents that actually use bicycles on a regular basis are less apt to be overweight throughout their adulthood. Of course in order to encourage bicycling among your student population, you’ll need to make your campus bike friendly first. A good way to start doing that is to install bike racks.

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Service Dogs Love To Go To These Doggy Playgrounds!

We were recently introduced to a very special dog known as a “comfort dog” or a “therapy dog” and we were touched by the way these dogs interact with the people who need them.  Many times when people experience traumatic events, or even if we view those events on television, we can experience a sense of fear, feel sad and depressed and for some people, it can be difficult to open up and talk about their feelings.Dog Park Equipment

Of course, we know that being able to talk about how the trauma has effected us can help us process the sense of fear we sometimes feel. Expressing our feelings to a counselor or therapist can help us better understand those confusing feelings, like the feeling of helplessness when we realize there is nothing we can do.  This is especially true for people who view traumatic events from a distance. Continue reading