The Importance of Form and Function for Office Chairs

At work, the little things can make a large difference. Given the number of hours that we all spend in the office, some ubiquitous elements of office life can easily fade into the background, including the humble office chair. But haven’t most people experienced the annoyance of a working setup that isn’t quite right? Desks may get more attention, but choosing the right office chair is vital to comfort and productivity, and can make a bold visual statement as well. Without the right chair, it’s difficult to settle in to work for a productive day. With the right office chair everything falls into place.

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Office Suites Simplify Your Work Life

If we all worked in an episode of The Office, we would all of course have a Megadesk or a Quad Desk. But in the real office environment office suites are just as cool, and a lot more functional. If you’re trying to decide between purchasing office suites or buying individual pieces of furniture for your workplace, you may want to consider what will be simpler. Here are some of the advantages of ordering prepackaged sets of desks, bookcases, and other items.

Quad Desk vs Megadesk from The Office
Quad Desk vs Megadesk from The Office


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Be Healthier at Work with Standing Desks

We all struggle with being more active while being chained to our desks. In today’s work environment, so much work is done on a computer that being active is scarce. However, sitting is considered one of the deadliest activities we could take part in according to the PainDoctor website. He says “the longer you sit every day, higher your risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and death. Although regular exercise can counteract the negative effects of sitting, even that is not enough to completely repair the damage done by a sedentary lifestyle.”

Luxor Electric Stand Up Desk

One way to decrease your health risk is by changing to a standing desk. Standing desks help to take pressure off of your lower back and help to decrease your risk for heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

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Reception Desks: Always on the Front Line

While first impressions are critical in the world of business, the question that is often not asked is “What is the first impression we want our vendors, customers, and visitors want to experience?”  Of course the natural answer is “professionalism” but there are other factors that can help distinguish your organization from the competition which could be the tipping point that closes the sale.  The right reception desk that matches your organization’s unique corporate culture and ambiance is what will leave a positive and lasting first impression to everyone that walks through your doors.

Here are several ideas that can help you determine which reception desk is right for your organization:

Unique Reception Desk for a Unique Layout

Is your business or non-profit in a location such as the corner suite of a corporate building with a unique office layout?  Then an L-Shaped Desk might be just your cup of tea.  L-shaped desks are designed to maximize space by granting the employee two work area spaces with ample room for storage.  The Pronto L-Shaped Desk by Marvel is perfect for offices that have the main entrance located on the side and gives the receptionist space for storing and paperwork, office supplies, and other critical day-to-day business operations-related materials.

Pronto L-Shaped Desk by Marvel

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