Free-Standing Partitions Can Transform Your Office

Industrial design and other minimalist themes are popular for small offices. They give tenants great customization options and also help achieve a great look on a small budget. But sometimes, an open office floor plan isn’t the best fit for every circumstance. Add dividers and temporary rooms where you need them with movable room dividers. Here are four ways to create spaces when you need them.

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Redesigning Your Company’s Breakroom

3 Ways to Redesign Your Company’s Break Room (and Why You Should)

Investing in furniture that customers will never see can seem like a poor investment. But more and more studies focusing on the productivity and wellness of employees indicate that focusing on employee comfort can be more profitable than changing up your customer-facing displays so often. No matter what business you’re in, your staff needs comfortable breakroom furniture to relax during their downtime. Here’s how to make it happen:

Midtown Rectangle Breakroom Table Set by KFI

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Prepackaged Office Suites Promotes Phenomenal Management

We’ve all had really terrible bosses. If you close your eyes, you can probably picture the worst boss you’ve ever had. You know the type. They control every decision their employees make. They micromanage everyone in their office to death. And because they focus so much on the work of others, their own work seems to slip through the cracks. Fantastic management is usually the product of very intentional self-control.

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Your Reception Desk Is Telling First-Time Visitors These 3 Things

First impressions are everything when it comes to doing business. While it’s possible to come back from a negative first meeting, it’s hard to make a client’s skepticism or suspicions go away without a lot of work. So make sure you set the stage for first meetings well.


Here are three things your receptionist’s desk could be telling people whether you want it to or not:

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