Analogy Rocker Chair – New Product Spotlight

Rocking chair are not just for old folks. Many schools are integrating them into classrooms for use by elementary, up through high school aged students. Have you tried it? Is it the right move for your classroom?

The idea is to dispel excess energy allowing students greater focus on their class work. It might take some time for teachers to get used to their students gently bobbing back and forth, but many say it’s helped with concentration and behavioral issues.

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Multimedia Tables- New Product Spotlight

Your GoToMeeting with an abroad client is starting in five minutes and you’re still trying to find a suitable area for everyone in your office to gather and participate.

You have divided your classroom into groups to work on a media rich project and the student desks just aren’t cooperating with everyone’s laptop needs.

You want to present your latest architectural designs to a client and their contractor and it’s just awkward with everyone huddled around your desktop computer.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

Interchange Multimedia Table by Smith System

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N2 Series Furniture Line- New Product Spotlight

I would be willing to bet pretty good money that almost everyone in the United States, and even beyond, have had a seat in a Virco school chair or combo desk at least once in their lifetime. Virco’s classic 9000 Series school chair with the trademark three open slits in the back, are literally EVERYWHERE.

Well, Virco has launched a new line in hopes to take over the world, again.

Their new N2 Series of classroom furniture has big shoes to fill, but here are some reasons why this won’t be a problem.

N2 Series School Chairs from Virco

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