Bariatric Chairs- Welcome Everyone to Your Medical Office

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), over 35% of the population in the US over age 20 can be classified as medically obese. Many of these people have a hard time sitting in traditional chairs made for smaller people. In general, a good portion of this population will be visiting their doctor more frequently because of health issues due to their weight, so it just makes sense that medical offices should invest in bariatric and oversized chairs to make their clients comfortable and welcome.

Bariatric Reception Chair by Lesro

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First Impressions: Office Reception Furniture

Whether you are in the field of business, medicine, or education, first impressions are important.  Chances are, when clients come to a meeting at your office, they may have to wait a few minutes, so give them a waiting area that conveys professionalism, cleanliness, and respect.  Give your waiting area a makeover with updated reception seating and reception tables. Reception furniture is available in a variety of styles and can found in almost any institution or commercial space.

Reception Furniture

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HIPAA Compliant HealthCare Furniture

HIPAA compliance laws have changed the medical industry and many HealthCare furniture products now must be HIPAA approved, such as privacy chart holders
that are used in medical offices.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was enacted by the U.S. Congress in 1996. According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) website, Title I of the act protects health insurance coverage for workers and their families when they change or lose their jobs. Title II of the act, known as the Administrative Simplification (AS) provisions, requires the establishment of national standards for electronic health care transactions and national identifiers for providers, health insurance plans, and employers.

The Administration Simplification provisions also address the security and privacy of health data. The standards are meant to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the nation’s health care system by encouraging the widespread use of electronic data interchange in the US health care system.

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Jonti-Craft Preschool Clean Hands Helper

Studies show that washing hands regularly can help reduce the spread of germs and illness. In some environments, plumbing isn’t readily available. With little ones, you aren’t able to escort a single child to the lavatory while leaving the remaining children alone. Now, with Jonti-Craft’s Clean Hands Helper, you can put a hand washing station where you need it!
This hand washing station features a self-contained, portable sink. It all starts with a 5 gallon tank for fresh water. The faucet dispenses the water using a built-in electric pump. You can even use the warm water which is heated to a pleasant 88°F thanks to our inline water heater. As the waste water flows down the drain, it is collected in the 6 gallon storage tank. All you do is fill up the fresh water and plug it in, it’s that easy!
Clean Hands Helper

The Clean Hands Helper is packed with all of the quality features you’ve come to expect from Jonti-Craft.
Clean Hands Helper

Clean Hands Helper
Clean Hands HelperClean Hands Helper