Utilizing Flexible Seating in the Classroom

As the world evolves, the way we educate children has to develop as well. The standard of having rows of rectangular desks is a thing of the past. It is difficult for children to sit still for long periods, so having some options for seating can be extremely beneficial. If students are allowed to move around and sit in different places, they are more likely to pay attention to the lesson.

Flexible Seating Is Needed - Rafiki Meditating - Lion King | Make ...
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Quick Ship School Furniture Essentials for Returning to the Classroom

As the 2020 Fall school year quickly approaches, Worthington Direct has schools covered with quick ship desks and 24-hour quick ship chairs ready to go. And rest assured – they fit the bill for social distancing.


Social distancing in the classrooms is key, and many schools are ordering individual open front desks to accommodate recommended spacing. The Virco 785 Medium Oak open front desks are inexpensive and can be easily deployed.

The Virco desks are sold individually, but they have additional bulk packs and classroom packages to choose from. Additional quick ship products for the entire campus can be found here.

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Shop Easy to Clean & Antimicrobial Chairs, Stools, Bench Seating

We are all still grappling with how best to make sense of current COVID-19 projections. Newer models indicate that the virus could be here to stay.

Predictions based on recent studies include:

● In continued lockdown, COVID-19 infections will persist for at least two years.

● Infections, however, will rapidly rise (by an order of magnitude) if lockdown is lifted – peaking after two months – recurring yearly, similar to influenza.

● Repeated lockdowns and releases do not avoid an endemic infection, even following a White House release guideline of 14 days of declining cases, or even a stricter 28 days.

Since the effects of this virus on our daily lives seem as if they will be ongoing, the time has come to consider pivoting our offices, classrooms, and waiting areas to reflect this new reality.

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