How Teachers are Adapting to the COVID-19 Classroom: Our Experts Weigh In

While many industries have experienced unprecedented financial setbacks due to COVID-19, perhaps no other sector has been affected quite like education. Schools across the country began closing in March of 2020 in an attempt to minimize student and staff exposure and mitigate spread of the disease. At the time of this publication, 43 states have either mandated or strongly recommended public school closure through the end of the 2019-2020 school year. As a result, nearly all learning at the elementary, junior high, high school, and college levels has shifted online.

How Teachers Are Handling a New Online Focus

While many teachers – particularly at the college level – have dealt with teaching online classes before, a surprisingly large number have not. In fact, over 70% of America’s 1.5 million college faculty members are new to teaching online. They join a largely inexperienced group of K-12 teachers in navigating this new space.

Fortunately, according to our experts, the process has been relatively seamless for many as teachers continue to help students and colleagues while learning from home. Consider their expert advice.

Learning from Home

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Five Hot Classroom Trends For 2020: Teachers & Experts Weigh In

From pre-Kindergarten to university, today’s classrooms are much more dynamic than their predecessors. The need to overcome student learning obstacles has encouraged more professionals to pursue creative solutions within their own classrooms. The result is an approach to classroom design that forgoes tradition in favor of a focus on the very individuals who are most affected by its principles – the students themselves.

Diamond Student Desks by Smith System

2020 Trends in Classroom Design

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K12 STEAM Education Creates Skills for the Future

Science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics education, or STEAM, is an important topic in the education community. STEAM programs teach your kids essential skills beyond robotics and high-level math. A STEAM enriched K12 education teaches children and teenagers how to work in teams, manage projects, and research anything.

STEAM illustration from NYC Department of Design and Construction

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How the Experts Prepare for Back to School

The new school year is almost upon us, and teachers are doing their best to prepare for the new influx of students. It is a challenge that few understand; between “summer slide” learning regressions, and curricula and classrooms to prepare, many teachers start the planning process early to facilitate the best learning environment and ensure their students can become the best versions of themselves from the moment they walk into the doors. Learn how industry experts prepare their classrooms and students for success from the first day.

How Experts Prep for Back to School


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Coming Back from the Summer Slide

The phenomenon known as the “summer slide” is real. On average, a student loses a month of learning during the summer months. Economically disadvantaged groups are more likely to experience higher levels of summer slide, particularly for reading. A comprehensive review of the literature found that the higher the grade level, the greater the amount of summer slide. Another study, assessing over 500,000 students between grades 2-9, found that students lose 25-30% of their previous school year, on average, learning over the summer months. Teachers must prepare themselves to address this slide and think about how they facilitate each student’s learning from the first day in the classroom.

The summer slide doesn’t just apply to students. Teachers may feel like they are just getting into the groove of summer, only to find it is time to prepare for another year. Taking a few actionable steps before school starts can make an otherwise busy time of year run as smoothly as possible.

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