Why Educators Need Special Preschool Furniture

Early Childhood Educators play a vital role in children’s development. In the first five years, children’s brains are like sponges and they learn more, at a quicker rate, than they will ever learn in the rest of their lifetime. One way that educators can help make the most of the formative years is to include special preschool furniture in their classrooms.

MyValue Preschool Plastic Rectangle Table and Chairs Set by Angeles

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Safe Sleeping Spaces Can Be Created for Babies in These Three Simple Ways

The ultimate goal of any quality childcare facility is to provide safe, clean, loving care to infants and children. And the nursery is truly where this mission begins. A regular review of state sleep regulations is imperative, especially since these often vary by state. This will provide valuable instruction for naptime lengths, maximum occupant sleep capacity, and much more. Aside from these formal regulations, here are three top recommendations for creating safe and hygienic sleep spaces for babies.

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