A Play-by-Play of Bringing Esports into Schools

Esports Virtual Room by Mooreco | esports furniture schools

Esports, multiplayer video games played competitively, are on the rise. As more and more young people invest their time in esports, the benefits of integrating esports into schools are constantly being discovered. Bringing esports into a learning environment can promote the development of important skills, foster STEM learning, and create an inclusive, accepting community. University Business mentions that including an e-sports arena can even help increase enrollment and interest and ESPN recognizes 125 university programs as a part of the National Association of Collegiate Esports. Not only is an esports arena an opportunity to foster a new community in your school, but it can also be a great spot for students to gather, connect, and learn together in a modern context. So what goes into an e-sports arena? Keep reading to find some great ideas that will help jumpstart the development of an esports arena at your school.

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