Mr. Bungle on Cafeteria Table Manners

Don’t be a Mr. Bungle when it comes to lunch room manners and eating at a cafeteria table.  While most boys today won’t  stop on their way to the lunch hall to comb their hair- if anything they would stop to tousle it a bit more.  Mr. Bungle does share some points of etiquette that are still respected in today’s modern school cafeteria.  Proper hand washing is a must this day in age.  So is a pump or two of hand sanitizer that can now found in tubs around almost every corner in schools and public facilities.

Watch this educational video from 1959 that spends a lunch break with the rude Mr. Bungle and then the students that learn to wait in line, quietly eat at the lunch table, clean their cafeteria table, and then sort their lunch trays when complete.  Now through March 31, 2011 Worthington Direct is not being a Mr. Bungle and are offering great deals on new cafeteria tables from Midwest Folding Products.  Enjoy, and please chew with your mouth closed!

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