May Flowers And Other Fun Bulletin Board Ideas

The classroom bulletin board is a part of the life of the class and an expression of who the teacher and students are and what they are focusing on in school.  They are also a reminder for the students of the lessons being taught.  By being front and center in the classroom bulletin boards can be valuable visual aid and actually assist a teachers with their curriculum.

Thinking about the lesson plan, a teacher can come up with fun bulletin board ideas to expand and enrich those lessons.  They can change or add to the board at any time and create a truly interactive experience for the students.  Changing the board every week or two can keep it fresh and relevant and allow the class to focus on current events or subjects that can help excite the students about learning.

These are some ideas for the classroom bulletin board that focus on the month of May.

National Bicycle MonthBicycle Month Bulletin Board Idea

National Bike Month is an opportunity to celebrate the unique power of the bicycle and the many reasons people choose to ride. Teachers can explore reasons why choosing to ride a bike can be both beneficial to the student’s health and to our environment. The classroom bulletin board would also be a great place to remind students about bicycle safety such as the local helmet laws, hand signals and navigating around pedestrians.

Memorial Day

Because this is a holiday to honor our military veterans the teacher could create a board focusing on the Revolutionary War or The Civil War.  The students can choose a military figure who died in battle and write a brief report on their military career which they can attach, along with a picture, to the board.  The board can also be decorated with Memorial Day quotes which can then facilitate great discussions.

May Flowers

The arrival of the early flowers of spring and the emergence of the sleeping insect life remind us of life cycles.  The students can choose an insect or mammal and draw a diagram of their life cycle.  The bulletin board can be decorated with student-created early spring flowers such as daffodils, tulips and crocus.

Limerick Day

May 12th is Limerick Day in 2013 so the teacher can have the students divide up into teams of 3 or 4 and come up with a topic.  They can then create a limerick and a visual to add to the board.  Teachers can discuss poem and how they are created and then have their students create haiku and rhyme scheme poems to add to the board along with their limericks.

The best thing about a well designed classroom bulletin board is how they can help remind everyone that learning really can be fun.  When you are looking for ways to create a classroom where students are comfortable and the atmosphere encourages learning, Worthington Direct is your source for the furniture and tools that you need.  Contact us to learn more!

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