Fun February Bulletin Board Ideas: Valentine’s Day & More

There is no doubt, teachers and children love their classroom bulletin boards. They are a great way to focus on a specific theme, and because the board commands the class’ attention, it will give you the opportunity to “remind” your students of their focus throughout the day.

Valentine's Day Bulletin Board Idea
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February offers us many fun bulletin board ideas as we look forward to Spring, even with all the snow and ice on the ground. It reminds us of new beginnings and life returning to the earth after a long winter nap.

Valentine’s Day

This is the most important holiday in February, and you will see all the candy and cards on the shelves right after Christmas. Consider a board covered in a red background and scattered with doilies. Have the students cut hearts (and other shapes) by folding paper in half and cutting. Take the opportunity to discuss mathematics and the relation to folding and cutting shapes. ¬†Hang an envelope for each student on the board and have the students write down a few things they like about each classmate (on the shapes they cut) and then deposit the “valentines” into the envelope on the board. Be sure to monitor the envelopes to make sure that no one is left out.

Black History Month

This month give us the opportunity to discuss the history of African-Americans from slavery to modern day. Your board could be arranged in the fashion of a timeline. Using a long piece of yarn weave a winding “road” across the board. Have your students choose a notable subject to focus on and have them write a short biography on a card. Arrange the cards along the “road” in date order. Take the opportunity to discuss how we can overcome even the most difficult of struggles.

Dental Health Month

This is a great time to talk about dental health and how maintaining our dental health can help us avoid other types of illnesses in the body. Have your students take a photograph of themselves, with a big wide, toothy smile. Under the photo they can write about how they keep their smiles healthy and bright on a 3X5 index card. With a darker background on the board, cut out large tooth shapes to which the students can attach their photos and index cards.

The classroom bulletin board offers you a way to reinforce your lesson plan for the month. Your students will also take great pride in being able to help with the creation of the board at the start of each month. If you are looking for just the right board for your classroom, please contact us about all the choices we have to offer.

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