Fun Bulletin Board Ideas: March Is National Women’s History Month

One of the best things about a classroom bulletin board is how it allows every member of the class to participate.  Social interaction can be difficult for certain individuals such as the new student or the especially shy student. Even children with special needs can find interacting with others via the bulletin board to be easier and more fun.

Another great thing about these boards is how they boost class participation. You can increase your students interest in the board by adding elements that require frequent modification.  Things like calendars, daily reminders, space for special recognition, etc.

Changing the monthly theme helps keep your board interesting and exciting. For the month of March, here are a few suggestions.

Women's History Month Bulletin Board Idea
Image via UWM Music Library

Women’s History Month

Have your students visit the website and choose from a list of women who have made history.  Using your bulletin board, attach pictures of the women and have your students write a brief biography on a 3X5 index card.  Arrange the individuals on the board in the fashion of a timeline.  Finally, have your students create question thought bubbles that allow for conversation.  There are so many notable women that you might want to remove old, and add new bios throughout the month.

St Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day Bulletin Board Idea
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March gives us the opportunity to study the origins of St. Patricks Day and the country of Ireland.  A green background would be appropriate, with large shamrock cutouts in a lighter shade of green.  Discuss the celebrations that include parades, Irish dancing and “Wearing o’ The Green”.  Find photos of Ireland and notice how the lush, green landscape explains how Ireland has come to be known as The Emerald Isle.

Music In Our Schools Month

Music in Our Schools Bulletin Board Idea
Image from Snippety Gibbet

This is an especially good theme if music is part of your curriculum.  Your board could highlight famous composers and their instruments.  Have your students find three interesting facts about each composer, a picture of their instrument of choice and with a black background, white cutouts of their profiles.  Add cutouts of musical notes and the instruments in an orchestra, scattered around the board.  You could have a fun quiz for the class by asking them to identify all the instruments shown.

These fun bulletin board ideas will help you communicate with your students in a fun and effective manner.  Encourage participation and have weekly discussions about your theme.  If you are looking for just the right type of board for your classroom, contact us to review our many choices.

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