Fun Bulletin Board Ideas For March: Signs Of Spring

Spring Sprouts Bulletin Board
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Bulletin boards are known as home to our classroom visions and accolades.  One way we accomplish this is by letting students display their finest work to inspire others and boost their own self-esteem.  The bulletin board is typically a colorful focal point which is often used to bring attention to a subject or concept.

By updating the board on a regular basis to reflect current events, it can be of help to those who learn visually and stimulate conversation on new topics.  Any subject can be enhanced by the interactive participation of those using the board.  Themes can be a great way to set a focus.

Some examples for the spring season include:

  • Women’s History Month

Engage your students in a discussion about how women have made history in America.  Learn about the work for women’s rights undertaken by women like Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony.  Have them draw up their own “Classroom Bill of Rights” and attach their individual “demands” the the bulletin board.  Decorate with images of important women throughout history.

  • Signs Of Spring

An especially eye pleasing theme involves the creation of a flower garden on your board.  Discuss the various colors and sizes of the flowers and then concentrate on creating a “balanced” arrangement. Have them label their flowers with their scientific as well as common names.  Decorate with easter themed images.

  • Nutrition Lesson

As we begin to discuss planting spring crops we can talk about the various fruits and vegetables grown in a family garden.  Have students choose a specific food and research it’s nutritional value.  Have them tack the one page report along with a printed image of the food to the bulletin board. Decorate with positive nutrition reminders.

We hope you have the opportunity to try our fun bulletin board ideas and should your class create something amazing on your bulletin board, please contact us and share!

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