Fun Bulletin Board Ideas for Great Outdoors Month

Are you ready for Great Outdoors Month? If not, you may want to start your preparations now. Combination Whiteboard and TackboardAfter all, it does start June 1st. There are many wonderful ways to celebrate the occasion, including decorating your bulletin board before every event. With that said, here are a few fun bulletin board ideas for Great Outdoors Month:

Combination Markerboards

Those that have Best-Rite’s Combination Markerboards may want to take a two-fold approach. The side flanking tackboard sections could be adorned with cardstock cut-outs whereas the dry erase markerboard areas could be used to announce the day’s celebratory event.

Find yourself at a loss for a month’s worth of celebratory event ideas? Why not start off by challenging the kids to create solar cookers out of recycled materials? They could use them to try and make slice and bake cookies, s’mores or biscuits. The activity could be used to teach them about recycling, sun safety and solar power. Instructions for making a variety of different solar cookers are available online.

Combination Chalkboards

Are you working with Best-Rite’s Combination Chalkboards instead? Well then, you may want to kick off the month with a homemade chalk making exercise and outdoor art contest. Begin by decorating the sides of the bulletin board with photos of elaborate sidewalk chalk art. That way, the kids may feel inspired to release their inner Edgar Mueller, Kurt Wenner or Julian Beever. Afterward, use the chalkboard area to provide instructions on how to make homemade sidewalk chalk. You may also want to give the kids a few tips on how to make their sidewalk art three dimensional. When they finish with the project, hold a sidewalk art show and serve refreshments.

Outdoor Bulletin Boards

If you have an outdoor bulletin board by Best-Rite or Ghent, you may want to go a different route. For example, you could use the bulletin boards as part of an outdoor scavenger hunt or geocaching activity. Adorn the bulletin board with photos or pictograms representing the clues needed to complete the hunt. Be sure to pick clues that will keep everyone busy discovering all that the outdoors has to offer. Examples include photos of hiking trail signs, birding binoculars, swimming areas and bicycle paths.

Want more monthly, fun bulletin board ideas? Contact Worthington Direct. We also stock outdoor furniture, grills, play items, tricycles and other items that will help to make your summer season unforgettable.

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