February Fun Bulletin Board Ideas That Inspire And Educate

There is great potential for our kids to experience learning “fun” when we use our bulletin board as a creative space.  A large bulletin board will allow your kids to all work on it together or in small groups.  This is a great way to witness how creativity can facilitate learning.Valentine Bulletin Board Idea

For the month of February, we have some fun bulletin board ideas that you can use on your classroom bulletin board:

  • President’s Day

Have your kids use the library and the internet to learn about the president you can assign to individuals or to a group.  They can find interesting images and “fun” facts and then create draft cards, attached by a key ring, to hang on the board, arranged in order by the year of each presidency.  Decorate with a red, white and blue theme.  You can also have each student create a self-portrait collage as they might look as president and then allow them to write summary on what they would do if they were president.

  • Academy Awards

Have your students research the nominees and the time periods or locations where they are based.  For example, Les Miserables in Toulon, France in 1815 or The Beasts of the Southern Wild in the modern day Louisiana Bayou.  Have groups research each nominee and put together a short report to tack to your bulletin “Board of Nominees”.  Decorate with a theatre/movie theme.

  • Valentines Day

This holiday is always a favorite with the kids especially because it involves sugar.  As a tie in to history, we can talk about the Middle Ages, when names were drawn to determine who would be one’s valentine.  That person’s name was pinned to the sleeve for all to see and became known as “wearing your heart on your sleeve”. Decorate with hearts, cupid cutouts and red streamers.

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