Earth Day And Other Fun Classroom Bulletin Board Ideas For April

There is nothing quite as sad as a large, empty classroom bulletin board. Too often the board remains stagnate throughout the school year and both teachers and students become accustomed to seeing the same things day in and day out tacked to the board.  Eventually, it becomes just like any other piece of art on the wall.  Never changing and often overlooked.Spring Classroom Bulletin Board

A classroom bulletin board should be viewed as a way to emphasize the lessons being taught in the classroom.  By using the board as an ever-changing form of communication, you will help students focus during lessons.  Additionally, with reminders hanging within view at all times, the board serves as reinforcement of learned material.

Here are a few fun bulletin board ideas you can use to celebrate important dates in April.

Earth Day

Your Earth Day board can focus on animals and environments most impacted by global warming and climate change.  Special attention can be paid to endangered species such as the Polar Bear.  Have your students choose an animal or region of the world to research then post a photo and brief synopsis of how they are affected by climate change. Earth Day for 2013 is April 22nd.

Math Education Month

In order to emphasize the important role that math plays in our everyday lives, have you students interview and adult in their they know well who can explain how they use math every day.  Have the students posts a photo and a short essay on the person they interviewed.

Zoo and Aquarium Month

Divide the board into two sections, line one with blue paper, representing water, and the other section line with brown paper, representing earth. Have the students choose photos of animals that are usually found in zoos and aquariums to tack to the board.  Finish off with strips of gray paper to represent bars. Discuss how zoos and aquariums can help us protect endangered species.

National Poetry Month

A fun way to celebrate Poetry Month is by learning and practicing writing Haikus and Limericks.  If the weather is warm, take the lesson outdoors where they can be inspired by nature.  Have them illustrate their contributions and then add them to the board.  Add springtime flowers, bunnies and birds to complete the theme.

We hope that you have the opportunity to share these ideas with your students or with the teacher in your life.  If you have been inspired by a specific classroom bulletin board themes, please contact us with details. We’d love to hear about the most creative boards out there in the classroom today.

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