5 Fun Bulletin Board Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up soon. Are you feeling out of luck as far as ideas for your bulletin board? No worries, your luck is about to change with these five fun ideas.

A Fun St. Patricks Day Bulletin Board Idea

1. Pot O’ Gold

Cover your bulletin board with white construction paper. Print off a pattern of an empty gold pot and enlarge it. Also, print off templates of gold coins. Add glue, gold glitter, and a picture of each child’s face to each coin. Buy some “fake” gold coins and glue them on top of the pot. Surround the pot haphazardly with the glitter coins and add the caption, “We Shine Like A Pot O’ Gold.”

2. Rainbows

Have each child finger paint a rainbow on white cardstock and display them on your bulletin board. Add the caption, “Looking for our pot o’ gold.”


3. Leprechauns

Print off leprechaun templates, have the kids color them and add a picture of their face. Display all around the bulletin board. Add this caption in the middle, “Dancing Our Way Through St. Patrick’s Day.”

Fun Bulletin Board Design for St. Patrick’s Day

4. Shamrocks

Cut out shamrocks from green construction paper. Let your kids decorate them with green or gold glitter (or both), sequins, paint, yarn, etc. Staple them all around your bulletin board with the caption, “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” in the middle.

5. Irish Hats

Print off patterns of an Irish top hat and let your kids color them green. Add some black paint on the buckle and gold glitter on the buckle part. Hang them on the bulletin board with the caption, “Top O’ Morning To You.”

6. Claddagh

Print off a picture of a Claddagh and explain to your kids that it’s a symbol of love, loyalty, and friendship. Take pictures of them posing with their best friends in the class and also randomly while they are playing. Also, print off four templates of a Claddagh for each corner of your bulletin board. Place the Claddaghs in the corners and add the caption, “Friendship, Love, And Loyalty.” in the middle. Then add the pictures to the board. You may even want to find a short description of the Claddagh to add under your caption.

Irish Claddagh of Friendship, Love and Loyalty

Your kids will love these fun ideas for your bulletin board. If you have any questions about bulletin boards or other school furniture products, please contact us.

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