5 Best Pinterest Boards to Follow for Fun Bulletin Board Ideas

If you haven’t jumped on the Pinterest band wagon yet, please consider this a formal introduction. Pinterest is a website and a mobile app that lets users capture ideas and bookmark websites using a photo-based interface. Your collection of “pins” are categorized into “boards” much like the real-life bulletin boards where we might pin photos, recipes and quotes we like.

When you visit Pinterest, you can browse through never-ending pages filled with fun bulletin board ideas, garden decor, recipes, craft activities, printable worksheets, handmade art, home decor or whatever else you’re looking for. Once you’re registered and signed in you’re free to create your own boards reflecting the things you’re interested in.

Instagram Bulletin Board Idea via Pinterest
Instagram Bulletin Board

When you come across a board that has several things you like, you can “follow” the board and their newest pins will show in your feed. This way, you don’t have to hunt down new ideas, they will flow in your direction and you can keep (pin) the ones you want and leave the rest behind.

Here are the top 5 best Pinterest boards we recommend for fun classroom bulletin board ideas:

Fun Bulletin Board Ideas

Yes, this one is ours, so of course it’s first.  We’ve chosen these boards because they reflect a wide variety of age levels and creative use of 3d and interactive elements. While you’re on our board, or any board, you can click over to the name of the board owner (Worthington Direct in this case) and see their other boards. I highly recommend checking out some of the pins on Project Ideas for School Students or Art Room Ideas.

Bulletin Boards for School

This is a super colorful collection of bulletin board ideas that seem to be geared mostly for older students. There are several bulletin board ideas that are appropriate for art classes and also literature-based and also some based on character traits.

Religious Education Bulletin Board Ideas

If you’re in a Sunday School environment or a nonsecular private school, then these you’ll find these ideas for religious-themed bulletin boards simply heavenly. Decorate and spread the good word in your Sunday school classroom, fellowship hall or church nursery. This is a delightful collection of over 200 pins also has other teaching resources, too.

High School Bulletin Board

Lower grade teachers might take for granted how easy it is to come up with bulletin boards that kids will love. Imagine the high school teacher, faced with the task of coming up with something dignified and mature for sensitive teens who don’t want to be cheesy. Kara Pickens has curated this collection of over 170 pins for bulletin board ideas for high school teachers.

Bulletin Boards- Like Giant Scrapbooking

Teachers and crafters Shannon West and Jennifer Gomez have collaborated on this collection of beautiful bulletin board ideas that use a lot of 3d elements, a lot of colored and patterned scrapbooking paper and a lot of colorful, vibrant fun.

What are your best bulletin board ideas? Contact us or follow our Pinterest board for more tips and ideas.

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