4 Tips On How To Make Creative Bulletin Boards

With back to school fever in full swing now’s the time for teacher’s to craft a creative, well-organized bulletin board.  You want your bulletin board to stand out—it should be unique in thought as well as aesthetically pleasing.  Good bulletin boards can draw attention to current events or seasons and decorate a classroom in such a way that your students can feel proud of.  Let’s look at some tips on how to get great bulletin board ideas for your class.

1.  Browse Pinterest

Recycled art back to school bulletin board idea

Looking at fun bulletin boards ideas on Pinterest is the perfect place to start. Maybe you already have an idea of what you want to convey, but need to find a way to execute the idea. Looking through thousands of images can be overwhelming, but stay focused on visions that might work in your space and for your students. While you can copy exactly what someone else has done, try to expand the idea further and then share your version to help inspire the next teacher looking for bulletin board ideas.

2.  Take Inspiration From Nature

Nature has many pre-made “themes” just waiting to be used.  Maybe your class loves the sea.  You could design an entire bulletin board of a nautical array. Corals, starfish, whales, and other sea creatures could be used.  You could easily provide a segue into this bulletin board with one of your lessons, making it interesting and relevant.  Students will feel motivated to learn and participate.  Mimicking nature gives your bulletin boardss cohesive designs because of how habitats are set up in the wild.  Everything has its own special niche within its habitat, which is how you want your students to feel as well.  Every creature has its own task and home, just as every student needs to feel at home and welcome in the classroom.  So be sure to teach that message of inclusion as you bond with your students while creating the board together.

3.  Add A Twist To A Holiday Theme

Holiday themes are pretty standard for bulletin boards.  But what about a holiday theme that has a twist to it or isn’t quite what it seems?  Try making a Spring-themed board with an Easter bunny who doesn’t want to deliver treats to kids.  You could have a disgruntled Peter Cottontail eating all the candy himself and laughing at how people make chocolate statues of him every year.  It brings focus to the obvious holiday that is approaching, but in a way that is fresh and original and would be a great inspiration for a unique holiday essay! Bach Bach Chickens Music Bulletin Board idea

4.  Cultural Themes

Designing and building a cultural bulletin board with your students will not only be beautiful—it will also help them learn about a movement from history or develop appreciation for another nation’s culture.  You could ease your students into learning about the Roman Empire through a bulletin board.  You could also pick a more obscure movement or culture to further enrich the minds of your students.  If a student helps create an entire bulletin board about the Phoenicians, it’s not likely they will forget about that group of people.  It’s a way for students to develop a greater cultural knowledge base in a way that is fun and easy to keep in their heads.

Bulletin boards should be fun and provide a learning experience for students.  Follow the tips above to get inspired about your next bulletin board day and contact us if you need more fun ideas for your classroom!

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