Easy Band Room Instrument Storage Solutions

School budgets around the country are tight and one of the first things to suffer financial cuts is the music department. ¬†Band Musical Instrument StorageIf buying new instruments is not in the fiscal future, then you have to take care of the ones you have. Instruments should not be stored on the floor, kicked around, dropped, and generally abused because there isn’t a decent storage solution. A Marco instrument storage system for the band room is an investment that will save money in the long run.

The Band-Stor system is a great product that will organize and protect all the instruments in your school. Choose from small compartments to hold flutes, clarinets, and trumpets and large shelving to hold instruments such as trombones or bassoons. Medium shelves will hold everything in-between. Storage compartments for rolling instruments like xylophones, timpani drums, or chimes are available too. For music programs with uniforms, there are even storage systems for keeping them well-protected while not in use.

Features of the Band-Stor System

The Marco Group company has worked hard to incorporate all the features needed to keep your instruments protected. Their “Made in the USA” product strives to out-perform competitors with its superior specifications such as:

  • Strong melamine laminate shelving
  • Steel tubes supporting the front and back of every shelf
  • Edges lined with protective PVC
  • Shelves covered with polyethylene liner
  • Bolt-through construction for durability and strength
  • Choice of wood doors, wire doors, or no doors
  • 10 year limited warranty

If you have a music program in your school, now is the time to invest in a quality storage system to keep the instruments you have safe and secure. Whether you need a single corner shelf to take advantage of unused space or an entire wall of shelving, contact us to get the best storage solution for your band instruments.

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