Grab Your Students Attention With New AV School Furniture

Bring your classroom up-to-date with all new Audio Visual (AV) school furniture.Classroom Interactive Whiteboard

Have you ever heard the expression, “A picture’s worth a thousand words”? The use of visual aids in the classroom will get your students attention a lot faster than just talking to them. Seeing a math problem worked through on an interactive whiteboard makes it easier to grasp the concept.

Projection screens make a great addition to the classroom. They give the teacher a place to demonstrate while they’re explaining the task at hand. A projection screen can also be used as a teaching tool to show movies or slides.

You can also incorporate listening activities into your teachings with listening center. Use headphones to get your students quietly listening to a recording at their own desks. Personal CD players are available, or a CD player with multiple headphones can be used. CD players with multiple headsets are great for group activities. You can also use the CD player without the headphones to project the recording to the whole class.

Make learning fun and convenient with audio and visual aids. We have many other audio visual aids for the classroom such as sound lecterns, tape recorders, tablet and laptop storage, and stands for printers and other machines. Storage carts are on rollers so you can quickly roll them away when finished and move on to the next subject.

Our AV equipment is perfect for classes of any age or grade. It’s ideal for libraries, classrooms, auditoriums, and more. Turn your classroom into an exciting place to learn with AV equipment. Contact us for more information.

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