Begin Your Dream Art & Crafts Room With Just The Right Furniture

Have you ever had a dream about your own Arts & Crafts room?  Do you enjoy creating beautiful things from paper, ribbons and glitter and have a huge back log of projects saved on Pinterest? Apparently many of us do because according to the Craft & Hobby Association, Americans love their crafting time and spend over $25 billion dollars on their hobbies each year.

In planning your own crafts room or space, there are a few things you might want to focus on in the beginning:

Where Will It Be?

If you are lucky enough to have a spare room available, you are immediately ahead of the game.  If space is at a premium, enough room for a large table in a corner can be a great starting point.  Hanging shelves and cubby holes will ensure you have space for your needed supplies.  Banker’s boxes can be labeled and stored under the table for easy access.  Don’t forget about excellent lighting as this feature is very important.

Create A Creative Space

In order to facilitate creativity, this space should be designed and decorated to inspire.  Use wallpaper, window coverings, paint and artwork to create a oasis of color and light.  Don’t forget about a floor covering underneath your feet as spills can be common.  An easy to clean tile floor can be an excellent canvas with all the design choices available.

Your Essential Furniture

A functional, easy to access table is the best place to start.  A cabinet is an excellent storage solution when you need to secure your supplies when not in use.  A drafting stool can be a good choice for comfortable seating when the space is small.  If you have room for a large corkboard, this can keep your table from becoming cluttered with swatches and samples and quickly become your design central.

Get Organized

Your local big box hardware store has these great plastic boxes full of small drawers that are fabulous for all your tiny supplies.  Paper sized shelves will help keep your poster board and other crafting papers from being torn or damaged.  Hooks for hanging scissors, rolls of ribbon and crafting tools can be a great solution for organization.

When you are ready to get started on your creative space, our art room furniture will help you build a solid foundation that will bring you years of use and help you become inspired. Contact us and we will help you design your dream!

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