Art Room Organization: Considerations for all Those Wonderful Supplies

Art room organization in the school is going to need more consideration than you think when you stop and realize how many supplies you’ll be using. Art Supply Storage CartEspecially if you have a large class, everything from glue bottles, construction paper to the art projects your students create are going to require plenty of storage space after class is done.

Let’s also not forget about acquiring a few teacher organizational tools.

Shelving Space

The best plan for immediate storage of art supplies in a classroom is low shelving so kids can reach supplies when needed. However, those supplies should also be categorized and placed into bins or other types of storage containers. Make these the art supplies that are used the most and easy to gather at the end of each class. Clearly label each bin or container so kids will know exactly which items go where. Storage cubbies are ideal for easily organizing plastic bins and come in many configurations.

Using Drawers

Art projects the students work on can be stored in drawers for protection during off hours. Label each drawer with the student names if it’s possible. Make sure each student has his or her own drawer and not shared. This prevents another student’s art project becoming damaged just because there isn’t enough space for storage. And make sure the drawers are low enough so younger children can reach them. Paper storage files are an option to keep large paper art pieces neatly stored.

Storage for More Complex Art Supplies

The art supplies that create the most mess or take up the most room should be stored away in a separate (perhaps locked) drawer for teacher access only. These supplies could be paints, ink, or even silk screen materials if doing graphics work. Be sure to have a classroom with cleaning supplies nearby so kids can leave the classroom without having paint on their fingers the rest of the day.

Organization for the Teacher

The teacher needs as much or more organization than the students. A good desk and chair that’s placed in a spot that can monitor all the tables at once is a major consideration. Also, a file system that keeps tabs of all the lesson plans, projects and student information should be kept in a desk drawer for easy access. 

As well, always consider which worktables the kids will use in the art room. Activity tables that seat four students per side are usually best so kids can have a sense of teamwork when doing an art project. It also makes cleaning up much easier than if each student has his or her own table.

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