Stand-Up Desks Make History, Again

Stand-up desks seem to be falling under the old phrase of “everything old is new again.”

Stand Up Desks in History

You can also say that about newly developed designs for office cubicles that were initially invented over 80 years ago. But stand-up desks go back even further when you consider that everyone from Thomas Jefferson to Ernest Hemingway reportedly used a stand-up desk for more inspired work time.

Can it truly create a spark in productivity, or should there be a stand-up and sitting desk hybrid?

They Can Extend Your Life

The media has been telling us for years that the more you sit at a desk, the more likely you are to die sooner than those more active. Forbes is the most recent media outlet reminding us of that while showing how the stand-up desk is having a major renaissance. Not all stand-up desks are alike, however. You have to consider how much space you need and your particular budget. 

Desk Space Considerations

Larger stand-up desks will cost you more than an ordinary desk. Smaller and affordable models are available, however, and still allow enough work space. The question, of course, is how much space you really need on a stand-up desk. In many cases, you can use a nearby table to grab things you absolutely need. Smaller stand-up desks provide just enough room to hold your most essential documents.

Office Space Considerations

After thinking about your desk space, what about how a stand-up desk fits into your office? If you’re into uniformity in your office design, it might be best to invest entirely in stand-up desks so the entire team can have a chance to use them. Or, if you’re working on a budget, perhaps having one in your office can be shared each day by a different employee.

Check with your IT department before ordering  your sit-stand desks, and make sure your cables are arranged in a way to allow lateral movement.

The Battle of Sitting vs. Standing

Some stand-up desks are being made that can be adjusted so you can go from standing to sitting when necessary. It’s not recommended you stand at a stand-up desk all day long for obvious reasons. Regardless, doing half the day sitting and the other half standing up is the moderated approach that might be standard in offices before the end of the decade.

Here at Worthington Direct, we offer many stand-up desks at affordable prices and made of quality materials. Contact us if you want your office to be geared toward the future where being stand-up employees can lead to better brainstorming.

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