Why Your Classroom Needs the Zenergy Ball Chair

More and more teachers are requesting flexible seating arrangements. These educators have realized that learning to sit is distracting students from the actual instruction going on. Moreover, teachers are spending too much time correcting seating habits that could be better spent on teaching students the subjects. One of the most popular products at this time is the Zenergy Ball Chair by Safco.

Zenergy Ball Chair by Safco Products
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Furniture Tips To Reorganize Your Home Office

It can be hard to find the right balance between comfort and structure in your home office. You want your home office to feel comfortable like the rest of your home, but you also want it to provide the structure and organization that an office building offers. Reorganizing your office can sound daunting, but it actually can be quite simple.

Elements L-Shaped Desk Suite by NDI Office Furniture

The problem with a lot of home offices is that they borrow all their furniture from other rooms in the house, so your desk was originally a dining room table or your filing cabinet is a storage bin from the garage. You need the right furniture for your space. Here are three new furniture ideas to consider if you want to set up your home office for success.

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Lounge and Learn, Comfort and Collaboration

Dragging a screeching, heavy desk along a scratched-up tile floor of a classroom for one learning activity is a way of the past.

Flexible seating is built for collaboration. It is called flexible seating because it is easy to move and transition in order to change up a room or even just a small space within a room. While flexible seating certainly looks colorful and cute, these designs offer comfort to the learner as well as the benefit of student choice in the learner’s preference of where to sit. Imagine students arriving early to class just to make sure they get their preferred active stool color or favorite spot at a collaboration table. Flexible seating helps create an atmosphere where students want to spend their time.

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Staying Fit During Remote Learning

Staying Fit During Remote Learning

A lot has changed in the last year. As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, many people are finding new ways to adapt their routines to fit the current restrictions. No one knows this better than teachers, who have miraculously found a way to educate America’s youth through a computer screen, often with spotty internet connections. Many people, educators included, are finding it difficult to get in their daily exercise under new constraints.

Teachers and students alike suffer from lack of exercise, and lethargy can lead to conditions like depression, anxiety, obesity, and heart disease. Luckily, there are ways to combat inactivity.  Teachers, of course, are at the forefront of these innovative ideas. Whether you’re looking to stay fit as a class or are looking for some individual routines, experts offer their advice on how to stay fit during remote learning.

Workout videos and home equipment are a great place to start if you’re committed to at-home fitness. The right tools can really elevate your routine, according to Mark Tiongco.

“The active seating products by Worthington Direct have allowed me a degree of creativity with my workout routine. During the lockdown, I was able to experiment and determine that active stools are balanced weights (not too light, not too heavy) and can be utilized for both compound and isolation exercises. They’re great for developing muscular endurance while introducing your body to motions you’re not used to (e.g., finally started doing squats again as my flat feet makes balancing heavy weights difficult).”

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