How to Integrate Sensory Tables Into the Classroom


If you aren’t using sensory tables in the classroom yet, it is time to introduce your students to the fun and engaging child-sized tables that can play host to an array of materials. Sensory tables encourage children to use all of their senses through play and exploration. It gives them the opportunity to develop fine motor skills, exercise creativity and refine their problem-solving abilities.¬†

If you’re already a fan of sensory tables, you may be wondering how you can adapt the sensory table experience or integrate it even more into your classroom to continuously challenge your students.

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Furniture Pieces to Create a Flexible Work Space


Businesses are increasingly changing offices into a more flexible working environment. This can be from changing the office space furniture to relocating to a different building entirely. Many find that working in an accommodating atmosphere provides a work/life balance. It also helps companies cut costs on office building expenses in general. Yet, how do you create a flexible work environment for your employees? We are going to share with you five furniture pieces that can elevate your workspace!

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Five Fall Must-Haves for Your Preschool Classroom

When it comes to making sure that your preschool has the right equipment for the fall season, one of the first areas to start with is looking at your classroom’s furniture. You want to make sure that the pieces you use are durable as well as useful during autumn. However, how do you know what you should get, and how can you incorporate a fall theme into the items you choose? Today, we are going to share with you five furniture pieces that will help organize your classroom this fall!

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