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Cloud 9 Desks – New Product Spotlight

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Collaborative desk makers are definitely having fun designing new shapes to better allow 21st century students to work in pods and then again, individually. Balt’s latest design concept, Cloud 9, rounds out this week’s new product spotlight.

Cloud 9 Collaborative 21st Century Classroom by Balt

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Multimedia Tables- New Product Spotlight

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Your GoToMeeting with an abroad client is starting in five minutes and you’re still trying to find a suitable area for everyone in your office to gather and participate.

You have divided your classroom into groups to work on a media rich project and the student desks just aren’t cooperating with everyone’s laptop needs.

You want to present your latest architectural designs to a client and their contractor and it’s just awkward with everyone huddled around your desktop computer.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

Interchange Multimedia Table by Smith System

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Shapes Desk with Dry Erase Tops- New Product Spotlight

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Do you want to reduce the amount of paper waste your classroom generates? Perhaps you are a teacher only given a limited supply of paper for the year? Well the new product spotlight for the week may have just the solution- Shapes Desks with Dry Erase Tops from Balt.

Shapes Desk with Dry Erase Tops from Balt

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