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Supersize Your Storage: Other Uses For Trash Cans

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At work, school or home, the story is always the same; there is not enough storage space! If you’re looking for something easy, cost-effective and relatively tall to store large or bulk items, consider using recycling and trash receptacles as extra storage. Listed below are a couple examples of how you can turn an old trash can into a useful household item.

trash can planter idea

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Recycling & Trash Containers: Stylish Designs That Promote Being Green

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Recycling and trash containers have been seen together for decades in schools and other public places.

Commercial Trash Cans and Recycling Bins

But those of us who grew up in earlier decades can remember when those same containers didn’t always stand out with stylish designs. Some people might remember when trash containers were simply plain-looking metal containers that blended in with school backgrounds. During those times, recycling containers didn’t even exist in most schools.

Nobody said recycling and trash containers have to look ordinary just because garbage isn’t fun to look at. In today’s time, a stylish recycling container can even bring a reminder to students about the importance of going green, no matter where you are.

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