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Bretford- Oldest Furniture Contest

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Fans of our Facebook page know that we appreciate the longevity that our school furniture selection offers our customers.  Furniture that was built to last, does just that.  Bretford is now giving away an incredible prize to those who have held onto those classic school furniture pieces of days gone by.  They are asking for video submissions highlighting their old Bretford furniture products that are still in use.  This should be easy, as it’s hard to walk into any school and not see a TV or projector perched on top of a Bretford cart.  Bretford TV Cart

For the last 60-plus years, Bretford has been making tables, carts, shelving and other furniture products for K-12 and higher education environments. Many of Bretford’s earliest models are still being used.  Bretford’s “Oldest Product” video contest is open to all educators, business professionals and facilities managers that either use or select furniture products in a school or training facility. Entrants must provide proof of employment.  Entrants may submit their “Oldest Product” videos between June 7, 2010 and July 31, 2010. The grand prize winner will be selected on August 16, 2010.

So what’s the prize? You guessed it, more Bretford classroom furniture!  A whole room’s worth to be exact.  One facility will receive a full room of Bretford furniture to accommodate 30 students/professionals, just in time for the 2010/2011 school year. The grand prize package will consist of:

For a full list of contest rules and submission details, please visit http://sandbox.bretford.com/contests/contest.php.   Good Luck!

Find the Right AV Cart

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Worthington Direct knows that AV equipment are valuable tools that should have the appropriate AV Cart to optimize their use. Here are a few details that should be considered before buying an AV Cart:

MONITOR SIZE : Be sure that the cart you choose is large enough and strong enough to hold the AV equipment you need to store or move. The measurement of your monitor is taken from the diagonal length from the upper left corner of the screen to the lower right corner of the screen. While most new monitors have a small footprint, you may want to check the overall base dimensions of the monitor against the overall dimensions of the shelf that the monitor shall rest on. Maximum monitor size and shelf dimensions are noted on all products designed for monitor use.

CONSTRUCTION : The most common materials that AV carts are made of are steel and plastic. Plastic carts are lightweight and generally less expensive, but are also weaker than steel carts. Keep in mind that steel carts are more suited for your needs if you have a larger or heavier monitor.

HEIGHT : Your audience is important to consider when shopping for an AV cart. Will your projector or monitor be used in an elementary school or a high school? Maybe both? Some AV carts feature adjustable height legs that can be lowered for younger students and then raised again for upper level students.

The size of the room that the AV cart is to be used is also important to consider. When projecting in a large space, a higher cart is best to insure that the audience in the back can too view the presentation. Likewise if in smaller space, the cart should be low enough to avoid having the audience crane their necks.

WHEELS : Most AV carts come with standard 4″ casters which works well for most mobile uses. Should an AV cart need to be pushed over rough ground or maneuvered in through tight classrooms, a larger caster base could be beneficial. Caster sizes and materials are noted for each product when applicable.

STORAGE : What type of AV equipment are you storing? Some AV carts are designed for specific equipment, such as an overhead projector cart or perhaps a laptop storage cart. Others may have many adjustable platforms that can easily hold a variety of media equipment that may need to be connected together to perform a task. Check product shelf dimensions against your AV equipment dimensions to insure proper fit. Some AV carts come with locking storage cabinets that will keep your expensive equipment safe and out of view when not in use.

ACCESSORIES : Most AV carts offer a power strip that allows the user to plug all equipment into the cart’s power strip and then run only one cord from the AV cart to an electrical outlet. Another useful accessory to consider is a safety belt, which keep monitors and projectors firmly in place during transit.

AV carts are a great way to share equipment between classrooms and to add convenience to equipment during presentations. Much research and money goes into purchasing the right AV equipment, so make sure proper consideration is also given when purchasing a corresponding AV cart.


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