Lumina Folding Conference & Training Room Tables

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The look and function of most office conference rooms have evolved from an intimidating boardroom table placed stationary in the middle of a room, into a room of free-flowing furniture that can work around the multimedia conferences of today.  Conference room furniture for your video conference room, teleconferencing room and think spaces require modular furniture pieces that can provide unobstructed viewing angles, and can easily integrate business technology.

Reconfigurable conference tables allow an office to create a intimate setting for small group secessions, while still leaving the option to expand when guests are present.  Balt, a brand division of Mooreco, is leading the way in modular conference room furniture with style and budget friendly pricing.  Look for several lines available through discount dealer Worthington Direct, such as the Flipper folding tables, Agility training tables, and the new iFlex modular desk systems.  

With flu season in the air, Balt has released a video showcasing their latest conference room furniture line that feature antimicrobial table tops; the Lumina furniture series.

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Bretford Showcases Furniture At NeoCon 2008

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Bretford, Manufacturing, Inc. (NeoCon Showroom #330), leading supplier of technology and media furniture that improves how people work and learn, is transforming its showroom for the NeoCon World’s Trade Fair 2008 to illustrate how its carts, tables, workstations and other products are being used throughout higher education, library and corporate environments. NeoCon also serves as the official launching pad for Bretford’s new line of RHOMBII™ training tables. Further, showroom visitors can see a demonstration of BretfordCommons™, the company’s new partner extranet site, and will have the opportunity to learn more about Bretford’s GREENGUARD-certified products and other environmental milestones.

Bretford Connections Smartdesk Work Center

Bretford Flat Panel Presentation Carts



Bretford’s stunning 5,100 square foot permanent showroom in Chicago’s Merchandise Mart will have a 1950s/1960s theme with furniture upholstered in cowhide, vinyl and other fabric patterns to recapture the era and personify the early days of Bretford. The vintage style choices also demonstrate the limitless ways to design and finish Bretford furniture to enhance any learning, meeting or work area.

“Our showroom theme represents Bretford’s longevity and expertise in the commercial furniture industry – the result of six decades of hard work and being in business,” explained Mikel Briggs, president of Bretford Manufacturing, Inc. “The application vignettes provide true examples of how Bretford furniture can outfit a school or meeting space to accommodate the latest technologies and create workspaces that are modular, comfortable and environmentally-friendly.”

Bretford Quattro Voltea Flip Top Computer Table


 Bretford Small Flat Panel Mount

RHOMBII Training Tables The new RHOMBII training tables make any workspace truly reconfigurable. With built-in power and data modules as well as easy mobility and storage, the new tables quickly adapt to the needs of any higher education or training environment. Perfect for both traditional and contemporary spaces, the RHOMBII training tables are universal in nature. They can be placed in virtually any formation depending on the size, style and needs of the gathering, then easily folded and stored out of the way or moved into other locations. The tables will be available for order in August through Herman Miller North American dealerships and shipping in Q3 2008.

Other product lines highlighted in the Bretford showroom include Plus soft seating sofas and chairs with ProBax® seating technology, the sophisticated Ithaca library system, modular Free Evolve workstations, Here high-efficiency tables, mobile boards and rail systems, and the elegant yet high-tech Tru conference tables. By complementing these lines with Bretford’s mount and cart accessories — to support technologies such as flat panels, projectors and laptops –Bretford becomes a one-stop resource for commercial furniture solutions.

Worthington Direct is an authorized dealer for all quality Bretford products.  Visit www.worthingtondirect.com today and see a variety of Bretford overhead projector tables, computer workstations, computer tables, flush wall mounts, laptop storage carts, projection screens and booktrucks.

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New Greenguard Certified Products by Bretford

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Worthington Direct has added new products to the Greenguard Certified Furniture catagory by Bretford, Inc.  Outfit your entire computer lab with quality products like the Connections Series computer tables and accessories.  Visit www.Worthingtondirect.com today for new healthy, learning environment.

Bretford, Inc., supplier of technology and media furniture that improves how people work and learn, today announced that a large number of its laminate tables, carts and accessories now comply with the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute’s (GEI) GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) standards for low-emitting products and materials. Through this designation, Bretford is giving specifiers of furniture products for education and business facilities the ability to create healthier environments – particularly for children. It also brings these institutions closer to achieving valuable Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) points, the nationally accepted benchmark towards the design, construction and operation of green buildings.


Bretford’s Quattro, Connections and CR Series tables and accessories, as well as Presentation Environments™ and HERE™ meeting and training tables, carts and accessories now hold GREENGUARD Certification. For a complete listing of certified Bretford models, view the GREENGUARD Online Product Guide. Each product is linked to a printable certificate that verifies GREENGUARD Certification, which is approved by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) for LEED project submission.


According to GEI, people spend over 90 percent of their time indoors where they are exposed to thousands of airborne pollutants. Inadequate ventilation, high temperatures and high humidity levels increase concentrations of some contaminants, leading to indoor air pollution levels on average two to five times greater than those outdoors and in some cases up to 100 times greater. Children are at the greatest risk because they are more susceptible to certain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), pesticides and allergens, which may trigger allergic reactions, asthma symptoms and other health problems.


“Bretford’s tables, carts and accessories are primarily used in education and business environments – and because they are among our highest volume products, we chose to have them tested and certified first,” explained John Jaqua, manager, design and engineering for Bretford, Inc. “Certification is becoming critical in commercial environments and our GREENGUARD designation now allows architects, designers and facility managers to confidently and immediately specify Bretford tables into their ‘green-friendly’ school, library, conference room or workspace projects.”


According to GEI CEO Carl E. Smith, LEED AP, “Building managers and specifiers are leading the demand for healthier indoor air by seeking products that meet recognized standards and carry third-party certification.” He continued, “The Bretford products underwent comprehensive testing and verification to attain the GREENGUARD Certification. When certified Bretford products are integrated into a facility design, the building owner can be confident that they will not contribute to indoor air pollution.”  

About GREENGUARD Certification
The GREENGUARD Certification ProgramSM is an industry-independent, third-party testing program for low-emitting products and materials. The first GREENGUARD Certification was awarded in the fall of 2002. In 2005, GEI announced the GREENGUARD Children & Schools standard, which evaluates the sensitive nature of school populations combined with the unique building characteristics found in schools, and presents the most rigorous product emissions criteria to date. GREENGUARD Certification is a valuable tool for architects, designers, product specifiers, and purchasing organizations that want to locate, specify, and purchase off-the-shelf, low-emitting products for indoor environments. More information about the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute and GREENGUARD Certification can be found at http://www.greenguard.org/.

Bretford Announces New Training Tables

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Bretford, Inc., the leading supplier of high quality technology and media furniture that improves how people work and learn, today introduced the KR Series Conference and Training Room Tables. The new tables support technology tools like laptops or projectors and come in a wide range of sizes and shapes that can be reconfigured to accommodate different types of training applications in the same multi-purpose room.  Worthington Direct is an authorized dealer for Bretford and all of their quality technology and media furniture.  Visit www.worthingtondirect.com or call 800-599-6636 to get a great price on these quality products.

Bretford Training TablesDave Smith, product manager for Bretford, Inc. explained, “Traditional tables were designed at a time when people took ‘paper and pen’ notes, but today most professionals use laptops and other technology tools during meetings. Additionally, most training rooms need to support varying meeting sizes, like 30 people for a product launch in the morning then 12 people for an interactive session in the afternoon.” He explained, “The KR Series Tables easily handle both of these challenges. They offer a wide range of data and power options for active technology users and their modular designs can easily be reconfigured depending on the training size and style.”

The new tables are ideal in business and educational environments — for sales representatives training on the newest products or students learning the latest lesson, for example. The tables come in rectangular, trapezoid and half-round styles, which can be used individually or positioned together. Applications range from large auditorium and traditional training set-ups to more interactive U-shape or circle configurations. Additionally, each table includes ganging clips that easily attach and separate to hold the various configurations together.

The KR Tables feature a wide range of optional power and data accessories for laptops and other technology products, as well as easy-to-use cord management to help keep the work surface clean and clear. The CFPS Electrical Units mount to the inside of the modesty panel to provide four electrical outlets, while the PowerHouse Monuments mount through the grommet holes in the top of the table so the power and RJ-45 data jacks are at the work surface. Additionally, the relocatable Parrot Power Clamp easily mounts to the back edge of the tables with an overhang that reveals four electrical outlets and two pairs of RJ-45 data jacks.

All of the new tables fold flat and lock in the folded position for convenient and safe transport and storage. They come in a wide variety of colors and finishes to enhance the beauty of the table while minimizing the long-term effects of repeated use throughout the years. continue reading

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