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Proper School Chairs – Tips for the Classroom

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Being a teacher can be hectic. You are constantly dealing with a large group of children that can switch moods in an instant while having to worry about getting your lesson plan together and having to grade a seemingly endless amount of papers. The last thing you want to do is worry about what types of chairs your students will be sitting in. This is why taking a peek at our large supply of school chairs can help you get the right ones for your room, so you can keep you attention focused on everything else.

Virco 9000 Series School Chair

Virco 9000 Series- The Most Popular Chair on the Market

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Take a Seat: Two Questions for Selecting the Right School Chair

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When furnishing a classroom, there is nothing more important to keep in mind than the needs of the student, both as individuals and in a group. As they will spend the vast majority of their time in the room sitting at a table or desk, having a chair that is comfortable, usable, and safe for each pupil is incredibly important. However, classroom chairs, like the students who will use them, are not one size fits all. AtĀ Worthington Direct, we believe thatĀ selecting the right school chair for your student can be simple and incredibly worthwhile if you keep in mind a few essential questions about the individuals in your class:

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Colorful School Chairs

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Worthington Direct has a great article on their blog about the availability of additional colors for school furniture outside of the typical beige, navy and burgundy. School chairs can be found in almost any color, from Apple Green to Blueberry Blue and even Bubblegum Pink. This gives teachers and schools a wide variety of ergonomic options to fit the theme or mood of any classroom. Color choice has been shown to improve of affect mood, and can be a great passive tool for educators. In many cases, chairs are available in 15 colors, and sometimes as many as 29 standardized colors.

Berries Plastic Stack Chairs by Jonti-Craft

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Have you seen the latest addition to the Worthington Direct online school furniture store?  Introducing the Berries Plastic Stack Chairs by Jonti-Craft.  All together now, "oohhh… ahhhh!"

Berries Chairs with Chrome Legs

Bright colors and child-friendly sizing make the Jonti-Craft Berries Plastic Chairs with Powder-Coated Legs or Chrome Legs a great choice for a classroom or preschool use. The frame is constructed of heavy-gauge steel. The powder-coated legs match the color of the easy-to-clean polypropylene seat or the chrome legs offer a bit of polish. The polypropylene material prevents annoying static electricity and has cutouts for easy grip. Non-exposed rivets prevent snags to keep children more comfortable as they sit. Nylon glides on the base of the legs reduce noise when sliding the chair.

Available in five colors, these chairs match Jonti-Craft’s Rainbow Accents® furniture to create a coordinated room. Choose from 10-, 12-, 14-, 16- and 18-inch seat size options to suit all ages. These chairs are backed by a five-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Berries Chairs with Painted Legs

What’s missing in this picture?  How about the Rainbow Accents Activity Tables by Jonti-Craft that match the Berries Chairs perfectly.  The Rainbow Accents Kids Activity Table is perfect for the classroom or preschool playroom. Available in traditional Rectangle and Round sizes or fun shapes like Flower shaped, Clover Shaped, Kidney shaped or Trapezoid shaped. Finished in a pebbled gray laminate with your color choice of edgebanding that match all of the Rainbow Accent trimed furniture by Jonti-Craft. Includes extra-safe dual-screw leg adjustability system and nylon-based swivel glides. Legs can adjust in height from preschool 15 to 24 inches or standard 24 to 31 inches. Legs mount quickly for minimal assembly.

Berries Chairs with Rainbow Accents Table

Visit Worthington Direct’s online school furniture store at www.worthingtondirect.com for discount prices on all tables, chairs, desks, boards and more.

Early Childhood Chairs from Worthington Direct

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