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Housing Your STEM Manipulatives

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You’re far into the school year and thought you finally had your classroom organized; but now the math manipulatives you ordered back in December are starting to arrive. You’re excited to begin teaching with them, but first, you need to find storage room for the learning materials and make them easily accessible to you, your students and other teachers. Worthington Direct has a variety of portable storage carts that are easy to share with other classrooms, easy to move within your own classroom and roomy enough to hold all your manipulatives.

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Teacher Organization Makes Teaching a Breeze

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The average day for a teacher is far from ordinary and can get pretty hectic. Although there is no recipe to eliminate the chaos completely, there are ways to alleviate it. Everything runs better with a little organization. When teachers are organized, and help their students be organized, the day will always go much smoother. Teacher organization systems that are flexible and require little floor space are a good way to make that happen.

Teacher Organization

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Easy Band Room Instrument Storage Solutions

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School budgets around the country are tight and one of the first things to suffer financial cuts is the music department.  Band Musical Instrument StorageIf buying new instruments is not in the fiscal future, then you have to take care of the ones you have. Instruments should not be stored on the floor, kicked around, dropped, and generally abused because there isn’t a decent storage solution. A Marco instrument storage system for the band room is an investment that will save money in the long run.

The Band-Stor system is a great product that will organize and protect all the instruments in your school. Choose from small compartments to hold flutes, clarinets, and trumpets and large shelving to hold instruments such as trombones or bassoons. Medium shelves will hold everything in-between. Storage compartments for rolling instruments like xylophones, timpani drums, or chimes are available too. For music programs with uniforms, there are even storage systems for keeping them well-protected while not in use.

Features of the Band-Stor System

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Worthington Direct Launches New Website Packed with Advanced Features

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School furniture shopping has never been easier now that Worthington Direct has released the latest version of their website that includes an instant freight calculator, live chat and a PDF version of their catalog.

Worthington Direct (www.worthingtondirect.com), a supplier of school, church and early childhood furniture and equipment for over 11 years has launched a new version of their website that will make online institutional furniture shopping a snap. School purchasers, church committee members and daycare owners will save time, and as always save money, when they purchase their facility furniture online with Worthington Direct.

One major upgrade is real-time freight calculator that offers instant shipping rates for almost every item on the specialty furniture website. Worthington Direct’s technology director, Brian Heiland, says, "Today’s online shoppers are becoming more savvy and are expecting interactive websites with advanced features, like instant freight calculations. School procurement offices can now simply click to view their shipping rates and use that information to complete their requisitions in seconds flat."

Freight can be calculated on each item detail page for individual shipping rates, or multiple items can be added to a shopping cart and then rated for a combined shipping amount. Unlike some of the other school furniture sites, Worthington Direct does not hide any shipping fees inside their product costs. Some companies base their shipping costs on a percentage of the purchase total, but that is not an accurate amount for an item that is small with a high price tag, such as technology products.  This results in having some of the lowest costs in the industry and avoids the customer from paying an inflated shipping amount. Gas prices are steadily rising so every effort is being made to keep shipping rates accurate and to a minimum.

Another great feature found the Worthington Direct website is the ability to participate in live chat sessions with trained school and church furniture experts.  Although anyone that calls during business hours will never encounter an automated recording, some people just like the option to type over dialing. Live chat is a great way to get fast responses for questions that arise while shopping for school furniture. A full version of their printed catalog can also be viewed in PDF form on the web now.  Customers can view and print single pages or a range of pages that can be used in last minute committee meetings or to attach to their purchase requisition.

Some other upgrades to the institutional furniture website are larger images and a faster checkout process. Worthington Direct continues to focus on website improvements and to maintain their quality customer service from its origins as a direct mail catalog company. With all of the new and advanced features found on their online store, customers are still always to welcome to pick up their traditional catalog and call for fast friendly service. 

About Worthington Direct: Worthington Direct has been in operation for 11 years with an employee average of 13 years experience in the school supply, church and equipment industry, and knows what is important – selection, service, price and timing.

Our goal is to make your purchasing job easier. With competitive pricing, knowledgeable sales associates, and "In Stock" products for quick, efficient shipping, Worthington Direct is committed to be your furniture resource. Schools and churches look to Worthington Direct for competitive pricing for school furniture, church furniture, preschool furniture, early childhood furniture, student desks, classroom chairs, folding chairs, folding tables, seminar tables, AV carts, projector carts, science tables, stools, padded stack chairs, library furniture, desks, wholesale furniture, computer furniture, classroom furniture, dry erase boards, markerboards, chalkboards, office furniture, room dividers, partitions, cubbie units, storage cabinets, file cabinets, bookcases, lockers, classroom carpets, booktrucks, easels, display cases, cafeteria tables, activity tables, classroom desks, computer tables, desk chairs, lecterns, literature racks, office desks and risers among its large stock. Worthington Direct Launches New Website Packed with Advanced Features

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