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Using an Adjustable Science Table in an Experiment

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Diversified Woodcrafts has created a video that showcases one of their adjustable science tables in a simple science experiment.

A little info about this science table:
Diversified Woodcraft’s adjustable science table can also be adjusted for use as an incline surface for physics, as shown in the video. It is also is a perfect solution for ADA requirements with the ability to adjust in 2 cm increments from 27″H to 39″H. This science table  4-1⁄2″ solid oak aprons are attached to your choice laminate or chemical resistant top options. The wood is finished with a chemical resistant, earth-friendly UV finish.
What are you waiting for, pick up a case of soda and an adjustable lab table today!

Einstein Fellowship for Classroom Teachers

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The Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellowship Program offers current public or private elementary and secondary mathematics, technology, and science classroom teachers with demonstrated excellence in teaching an opportunity to serve in the national public policy arena. Fellows provide practical insight in establishing and operating education programs. Fellowships increase understanding, communication, and cooperation between legislative and executive branches and the science, mathematics, and technology. education community.

If you know a teacher that excels behind their science lab tablecomputer table or can spends hours working a formula on a dry erase board, suggest that they take their expertise to Capital Hill. 

Albert Einstein Fellows bring to Congress and appropriate branches of the federal government the extensive knowledge and experience of classroom teachers. They provide practical insights and “real world” perspectives to policy makers and program managers developing or managing educational programs. During the Fellowship, each Einstein Fellow receives a monthly stipend of $6000.00 plus a $1000.00 monthly cost of living allowance. In addition, there is a moving/relocation allowance as well as a professional travel allowance.
Deadline for application is January 13, 2010.

Science Tables

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Choosing the right Science Table is important; you need to find one that can handle your daily tasks in the classroom, but also the table that fits your budget. Science tables come in many shapes, sizes, and perhaps most confusing, surfaces. While science tables are almost universally black, did you know that there are at least five general classes of table surfaces?

It is best to choose a surface more capable than your daily needs; this will ensure your tables are always rated better than the chemicals your curriculum is designed around. Beginning science classes have little exposure to chemicals, and in many cases only need standard, high-pressure plastic laminate tables. Middle school and high school science classes will want to consider ChemGuard and Welded Fiber Powder Coated tables for chemical resistance during lab experiments. Phenolic Resin and Solid Epoxy Resin tables represent the very best surfaces and are recommended for dedicated laboratory conditions due to their improved chemical resistance.

HIGH PRESSURE PLASTIC LAMINATE : This is the most basic surface, a classic black laminate with superior resistance to scratching from every day use. While this surface is the most economical, it has limited resistance to the high temperatures and severe chemicals found in the lab. These tables are best for lecture and study use as well as minor, non-liquid experiments.

CHEMGUARD LAMINATE : This laminate has all the features of standard black laminate, but has outstanding chemical resistance and much better wear rating than standard laminate. ChemGuard laminate science tables are excellent value for high school chemistry classrooms using a variety of weaker chemicals and heat sources. If you need a dual-purpose table for lecture and lab experiments, this is a good fit.

WELDED FIBER WITH BLACK POWDER COAT: This finish is a chemically resistant finish with no seams to collect harmful chemicals or contaminants. In addition to superb chemical resistance, this lightly textured surface provides significant improvement in scratch resistance over standard Chemguard laminate. Black powder coated surface table tops are made of a thick, 1” welded fiber (Gemweld) base with sturdy fiberboard core and have rounded safety edges. Twice powder coated, these tables will not stain, etch or show effects when subjected to these standard lab chemicals: Sulfuric Acid 70%, Nitric Acid, 25%, Phosphoric Acid 75%, Sodium Hydroxide 25%, Ammonium Hydroxide 25%. If you need a seamless chemical-resistant surface with improved scratch protection for chemistry or biology lab or classroom conditions, this is a good fit.

PHENOLIC RESIN : Phenolic Resin is impervious to many chemicals found in high school and college chemistry labs. . In addition to superior chemical resistance this surface is typically thermofused, creating a seamless surface where the top meets the sides for ease of cleaning and disinfecting – a plus for biology labs. If you need a table that will see full time laboratory use, such as a dedicated chemistry lab, or teacher’s demonstration desk, this is a prime choice. Phenolic Resin will not stain, etch or show effects when subjected to these standard lab chemicals: Nitric Acid 30%, Phosphoric Acid 85%, Sulfuric Acid 33%, Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Acetic Acid 98%, Hydrofluoric Acid 48% and others.

SOLID EPOXY RESIN : This is the gold standard in science tables, impervious to normal chemicals and heat. Rather than a laminate surface, the Epoxy Resin is solid, homogeneous, molded from modified epoxy resins, completely oven cured during processing. Its soft, low glare surface is simple to clean.
Solid Epoxy Resin is extremely durable and completely impervious to moisture, eliminating any future chance of swelling, delamination or exposure of the substrate. Solid Epoxy tops are heat and char resistant to the point of being considered self extinguishing. It shows even more resistance to chemicals than Phenolic Resin, Nitric Acid 70%, Acetic Acid (glacial), Hydrochloric Acid 20%, Sulfuric Acid 60%, Methyl Alcohol, Toluene, Benzene, and others. For dedicated institutional use, solid epoxy resin tables are the best choice, presenting the best chemical resistance and the most durable science table available.

SCIENCE TABLE LEGS: Most science tables come with solid wood legs that are a fixed height of 29” or 30” high. However, most tables are also available with 36” high legs that are a more comfortable standing height and for use with taller lab stools. Look for the adjustable height science table by Diversified Woodcrafts with legs that individually adjust to create unique table angles; perfect for physics class.

Black plastic, vinyl or rubber boots are commonly used on the bottom of wooden table legs to protect the wood from liquid spills or routine mopping. Most science tables will ship with these boots included, or can be ordered additionally.

If you have any questions regarding the science tables or lab furniture sold on the Worthington Direct website, please contact our knowledgeable customer service team at 800-599-6636 or email [email protected].

Science Lab Tables by National Public Seating

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Science Lab Tables by National Public Seating have two book compartments and come with a spacious Chemsurf rectangular desktop. Built with solid oak legs and aprons that are attractively finished, these science lab tables are perfect for Science and Chemistry classrooms. Tabletops provide an exceptional work surface and are made with chemical and water-resistant Chemsurf high-pressure laminate on a 1 1/8”-thick core. All units feature two built-in book compartments. All tables are outfitted with rubber liquid-protecting leg boots and adjustable glides for accurate leveling.

Worthington Direct is offering an extra discount of $10 Off per table during October, 2008.  Visit www.worthingtondirect.com today for great deals on all school furniture products.

Science Table by NPS 


  • Standard 1-1/8" Black Chemsurf top fiberboard tops
  • Acid & chemical resistant and waterproof
  • Quality scratch resistant performance 2-1/4" standard tough
  • Oak legs
  • Model available with or without 2 storage compartments
  • Apron standard on all tables
  • Black boots to cap and protect table legs from hazardous acid spills 

 Science Lab Tables by National Public Seating | Science Tables

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