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Is Your School Computer Lab Ready for PARCC?

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The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) consists of a group of 14 states and the District of Columbia working to establish a set of high quality, computer-based assessments in K-12 subjects. The PARCC assessments will be ready for administration during the 2014-2015 school year. Other states are either considering joining PARCC or are developing their own computer-based testing initiatives. While this shift in student assessment requires fewer physical resources such as printed testing booklets and writing instruments, schools must prepare to be equipped with the technology and computer furniture requirements necessary for computer-based testing.

PARCC Technology Guidelines

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BYOT- Bring Your Own Technology to Class

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The  Colonial Heights school in Kingsport, Tennessee has integrated technology throughout their campus using Wi-Fi devices in accordance to their Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) program. Instead of banishing all smartphone and tablet use at school, students and teachers are building a system of respectable use that embraces the benefits of a tech-savvy environment.  Wi-Fi devices are being welcomed to school for a round-house integration, all in the name of education.Laptop Storage Charging Cart

Sessions are being held where in some cases, the students are handing out lesson plans to the teachers. Not only is this expanding the world wide web usage for teachers that maybe haven’t had as much exposure, but it’s giving students first-hand experience in communication and instructional demonstration.  Look around the web, technology communication skills is in demand.

So what’s hot in educational technology?  iPads, iPods, and iPhones.  No, this is not a plug for Apple (it’s a plug for Worthington Direct) but the truth is that Apple offers excellent educational discounts and keeping devices updated and synced is a breeze.  While more and more students have their own iPhones or iTouches many don’t have the allowance budget to swing their personal iPad.

Expensive tablets like these are usually school property where classes can use the iPads and then move them 30 at a time from classroom to classroom on a laptop storage cart. Having a central cart allows the iPads to be controlled by single MacBook that syncs and charges them.  Here comes that intended plug… visit Worthington Direct today for educational discounts on all kinds of laptop storage cabinets for your school’s next BYOT bash.

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Stimulus Money Adds More Computers to the Classroom

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As stimulus money starts rolling in for educational use, many schools and technology administrators are using that money to improve or upgrade their school’s technology. Schools around the nation are also adding new classrooms, sometimes each with 5 or more computers per classroom, or replacing existing computer labs, or building entirely new computer labs.

Computer lab usage has grown dramatically in the last 10 years. Lab usage is often measured in a ratio of students to instructional computers. As computer usage in the classroom grows it is important to plan ahead for increased usage. While a ratio of 6.8 students to 1 instructional computer was common in the past, cutting edge schools may see ratios as low as 3.7 students per computer. Many schools have set a modest goal of 5 students to 1 computer.

As computers become more complex and useful in the classroom, computer tables and computer lab furniture have grown and adapted to meet these new needs in schools. Many of the most popular models now include an integrated, concealed wire management tray, keeping stray wires hidden and off the desktop where they can snag on backpacks. CPU holders are available on most computer tables, and do an excellent job with two purposes – provide more desk space for students’ work supplies, mouse and keyboard; and keep the computer unit out of the way and off the floor, far from where dust collects or where it can be kicked. While many tables are offered in a single computer model, many schools are opting for the two computer/student models, which offer greater space savings for labs.

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