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Purchasing School Furniture: Don’t Forget What Goes Under That Desk

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When you are responsible for the acquisition of your school’s furniture you will look at desks, chairs, collaborative desks, teacher’s desks and more but, there is one area that can often be overlooked. When designing the young student’s classroom be sure to look down, at the floor. Many times you will see a plain, well worn, rather drab floor but consider instead using that space to engage and educate the students that call that classroom home.

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Removing Vandalism From School Desks

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After the school year ends, teachers prep their classroom for summer vacation. Other teachers will start at a new school with well-worn furniture. This means stacking furniture and taking inventory of what classroom furniture you have. It’s times like this you often come across student vandalism you may not have seen during the course of the year. Some types of damage can be more easily repaired than others.

Student Desk 

  • Pencil/Marker Marks – These are typically the easiest to remove. Pencil and magic markers come off most classroom desk with basic soap and water.
  • Permanent Marker – Removing permanent marker (Sharpie pen) from desks can be more difficult. Fortunately several around the house items can be used. Make sure to test any chemical on the underside of the desk in a small patch before attempting removal on a new surface. Nail polish remover is extremely effective at removing permanent marker from laminate top desks, solid plastic desks and even finished wood. Permanent marker applied directly to unfinished wood may be difficult-to-impossible to remove. Other chemicals that might be found in the Janitor’s closet can include acetone, or denatured alcohol.
  • Graffiti -If soap, water and elbow grease won’t remove paint from tabletops, a wide variety of spray on graffiti removers are available. Due to the chemicals involved it is best to use these products outdoors. Always test the removal chemicals on a small inconspicuous spot before proceeding. In most cases you can simply spray the offending desk, wait several minutes, and wipe the desk clean. Repeat as necessary.
  • Chipped Paint -Painted metal book boxes can become either intentionally or unintentionally scratched. Sometimes phrases or symbols are scratched into the paint, letting the metal shine through. Most desk book boxes are black and smaller scratches can be covered up with a black sharpie. If this is a recurring problem you may consider plastic book box student desks. Plastic book boxes are the same color throughout and hide scratches best. You may consider “see through” or wire frame book box desks, as they have no paint to scratch.
  • Chewing Gum -Although frustrating, common chewing gum, depending on age, can be removed fairly easily. The older gum is the easier it is to remove. Fresh gum can be cooled using ice in a plastic bag, at which point it becomes easy to snap off, or take to with hammer and makeshift chisel such as a flat screwdriver. Once removed, scrub any residual gum with soapy water to remove.

The best way to avoid vandalism and graffiti is to buy graffiti-resistant desks. Solid plastic tops have a smooth, hard, monolithic surface that resists gouging by ballpoint pens, compasses, scissors and other school supplies. Nail polish remover works excellent on these desk tops. Graffiti removal chemicals will wipe these clean without damaging the desk or fading the color. Wire Frame book boxes contain no paint and are virtually impervious to scratches in paint due to their inherent nature.

Walt Disney’s School Desk

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Many elementary school desks of today hold bright futures within their tiny frames. And while in most cases defacing or carving into desk tops results in punishment, some end up on display. This is the case for Walt Disney’s 2nd grade school desk, which can be viewed in an exhibit called One Man’s Dream at Disney Hollywood Studios. The letters ‘W.D.’ can clearly be viewed as evidence that one student was already dreaming about carving out his celebrated career.

Walt Disney School Desk
2nd Grade School Desk used by Walt Disney


Born in Chicago, Walt Disney and his family moved to Kansas City when he was nine years old. While attending Benton Elementary School, Disney took Saturday drawing classes at the Kansas City Art Institute. It’s been said that he got his start drawing animals from books checked out from the public library.

Illustration Desk used by Walt Disney
Later in his twenties, Disney began working in an advertising agency as an illustrator. A small mouse reputedly lived in one of Disney’s desk drawers at this studio and supposedly influenced the creation of what later became one of the most famous cartoon characters of all–Mickey Mouse.

Drafting Table designed for Walt Disney

Walt Disney at office desk


The HON Company Changes the Face of the American Classroom

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White Chalk and Blackboards are Being Replaced by PowerPoint, Flat Screens and Innovative Classroom Furniture to Accommodate this Evolving Environment The HON Company’s new SmartLink(TM) furniture system connects the teacher, the students and the environment together in a uniquely synergistic manner designed to foster an interactive learning process.

MUSCATINE, IA–(Marketwire – August 19, 2008) – Rest in peace, dear #2 pencil. Same for you, 3-ring binder. For years, you were at the top of back-to-school shopping lists for students around the country. Instead, you have been replaced by ink cartridges, laptops and jump drives.

And the face of the American classroom itself is evolving as well — chalkboards and transparencies are being replaced with flat screens and digital projectors. Today’s classrooms also focus on collaboration and teamwork, requiring a more flexible work environment. Teachers are more interactive and mobile than in previous generations, leading to the crumbling of the traditional, hierarchical "teacher in the front/rows of students"-type set-up.

To determine the needs of today’s classroom, The HON Company, a leading office furniture designer and manufacturer, interviewed teachers, principals, administrators, students and designers. The result? SmartLink™ — a revolutionary classroom furniture system. This unique technology-centric furniture solution connects the teacher, the students and the environment together in a uniquely synergistic manner designed to foster an interactive learning process.

"SmartLink takes into account the changing needs of schools, such as technological needs, flexibility, storage and organization," said Jim Cahill, HON’s vice president of systems and education. "The fact that it’s mobile allows teachers to easily reconfigure any classroom to facilitate interactive learning or to better support their own teaching style."

Cahill noted that a comprehensive solution, such as SmartLink, is new to the education market. In the past, education professionals had to purchase classroom furnishings and storage options from multiple suppliers, making seamless integration difficult. The introduction of SmartLink has revolutionized the way classrooms can be designed and utilized — not only for today’s needs but also those of the future.

In creating SmartLink, HON sought to create furnishings that would:

– Be the best utilization of space while providing the ultimate in productivity

– Configure for a variety of learning and teaching environments, from kindergarten to high school classrooms

– Offer flexible storage and wall systems that can be customized for any classroom

– Synchronizes teacher and student desks for a complete classroom look

– Hold up to high traffic and heavy use

SmartLink’s four key components include a teacher station, modular storage, a wall rail system and a student desk. The products visually integrate to provide a holistic solution that supports space utilization and a variety of learning styles, as well as a variety of technology requirements.

Teacher desk

Teacher Station

The innovative design of this durable, adaptable piece of furniture offers ample work and storage space that can accommodate multiple teaching styles, classroom layouts and technology needs. As a mobile station, it can be easily repositioned within the classroom. As a desk, it can organize and manage teaching materials, equipment and technology, and provides ample storage for files, books and magazines.

Modular Storage

From pencils, paperclips and markers to pipe cleaners, laptops and backpacks… keeping today’s classroom organized is definitely a challenge. HON’s solution? A modular storage system that adapts to the needs of different classrooms by employing a variety of trays, shelves and cabinets that can accommodate any classroom configuration. "The reaction to our modular storage solution has been phenomenal," added Cahill. "It’s not that teachers aren’t organized — it’s that they’ve never had the right equipment to allow them to get organized."

Wall Rail System

The unique wall rail system delivers better use of wall and floor space, even in the most space-challenged classroom. Its multifunctional, multi-track rail allows sliding and reversible presentation boards and worksurface solutions to be configured in numerous ways. These components, which literally hang off the rail system, can easily accommodate and organize different teaching styles and facilitate several learning activities at one time.

Student Desks

SmartLink student desks provide a multi-functional solution capable of increasing student productivity and enhancing learning activities, including individual, group-collaborative and teacher-centered work. The triangular desktop shape and ergonomic user edge offers comfort and support, while the wire basket and backpack hook keeps all essential materials within reach. The adjustable height ranges from 22 to 32 inches in 1-inch increments, which means the same desk can allow students of all grade levels to sit comfortably. Tops on student desks are large enough for notebooks and laptops and are "non-handed," providing greater arm support to both right- and left-handed users. The desks themselves are lightweight and can be easily configured into individual rows or collaborative configurations, which is further facilitated by the shape.

HON products are available through its authorized dealer, Worthington Direct, the leader in discount school furniture. 

 The HON Company Changes the Face of the American Classroom

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