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Plan Ahead For The Warm Weather With Outdoor Preschool Furniture

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Studies have shown that children learn more efficiently when they have enough breaks during their school day to stretch their legs and decompress their minds a bit.  In fact, even fifteen minutes of recess a day can help kids re-focus and process information better in their classrooms.  Outdoor Kid's Playground Furniture And when your child’s agenda includes such basic information as colors, letters and numbers, it’s important to be sure they get enough time to play through the day so that these important fundamental subjects hit home when they’re taught.

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School Ground US Stencil Map Giveaway

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Enter your school today in the “Learn to Play”U.S. Playground Map Stencil Giveaway.  The beautiful geographically and proportionately accurate educational map stencil is 16 feet by 27 feet and extends the classroom curriculum to recess and outdoor play.

Have students study up on their geography indoors using indoor political maps or educational carpets this winter.  Then when spring rolls around students can take what they know out to their oversized outdoor map. History and geography comes alive with the games and activities included in the stencil set.

This geographically and proportionately accurate map of the United States is easy to apply and can be painted by four adults and 10 children in three hours.

United States Map Stencil

  • Complete instructions with paint specifications.
  • This affordable, high quality, eight section single use paper stencil has holes which define detailed borders of the 50 states and the five Great Lakes.
  • Continental U.S. (48 states) covers an area 16′ x 27′
  • Scale 1 foot = 100 miles.
  • Encourages Educational Classroom Projects in History, Economics, Geography and Politics.

Visit Peaceful Playgrounds website today for contest rules and entry form.  Hurry, contest drawing is March 31, 2010. 

Playground Furniture and Activities for Kids

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Playground games have been around longer than the inception of the modern playground itself, and children have been playing some of the more popular playground games for years. Tag, kickball, dodgeball, hopscotch, and jump rope have remained long-standing favorites at recess.

Newer playground games such as tetherball, funnel ball, and four square may not be as time-tested, but they have still been favorites on many school playgrounds for a number of years. Today’s modern playgrounds have top-notch equipment, including sand & water tables, tricycles and trikes that entertain kids and keep them active.

Still, many kids today have never heard of Red Rover or freeze tag, and with the threat of recess being removed in many schools, these popular playground games could be lost forever.One of the most valuable things a child can learn from playground games is fairness. Many games and activities require taking turns, and thus give a group of children a chance to work out a fair way to play. Encouraging kids to be fair and take turns often requires adult input, but most kids catch on quickly.
In many schools, the physical education teacher introduces kids to playground games like kickball, freeze tag, and four square. If you live in an area where recess time is threatened, address your local school board or administration. As the obesity rate among youth continues to rise, active play time is the last thing that kids should be without. If you can volunteer to teach kids some of the traditional playground games you used to play, it might renew a sense of physical activity and fun at your school or neighborhood park. Even if you don’t have kids in school, but are seeing a decline in active participation games and activities in your local schools, consider donating playground equipment such as playground hanging fence easels, outdoor benches, picnic tables, and expanded metal trash cans to keep the area clean. These are all inexpensive items, but they are sometimes overlooked as non-essential in schools facing budget cuts. Keeping kids active and playing is essential to their health and development.

Bringing the Classroom Outdoors

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Mount Pleasant Middle School has received a $5,000 grant to establish a Garden Lab and Student Center adjacent to its butterfly garden and hummingbird habitat. The middle school was among 1,000 schools and parent organizations to receive a Lowe’s Toolbox for Education grant in 2007-08, given to school improvement projects.

The outdoor classroom, which will consist of a patio, outdoor tables and seating to accommodate about 30 students, will be in the shade of three large trees adjacent to the garden. Principal Sam Treadaway said the project would be of great value to students as they study the natural world.

Worthington Direct offers great products for outdoor use by Ultra-Play and Southern AluminumOutdoor tables and benches are available in a variety of colors and can stand up to the harshest of climates.  When bad weather occurs, students can continue learning about science indoors with Science tables and stools from NPS, Inwood and Allied Plastics.  Visit www.worthingtondirect.com today for all of you school furniture needs.

The middle school received a $1,000 grant last spring from N.C. Beautiful to establish the hummingbird habitat and butterfly garden so students could gain a sense of environmental awareness. “When it’s warm, it’s quite pleasant out there,” said Don Smith, the teacher who wrote the grant. “It’s just a good place a teacher can take his or her classroom out and either work on some botany or biological sciences or read and have a lesson.” Continue reading

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