School Computer Lab Furniture Check List

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Your school computer lab check list might be one that caters to tradition or perhaps one that’s a little more modern. Computer lab furniture for schoolsWith computer labs still being a relevant part of grade to high school levels, what kind of furniture should your classroom have that provides more efficiency and comfort? Better yet, should you utilize furniture that encompasses a sense of collaboration? Here at Worthington Direct, we think computer lab furniture is important in developing the future generation of tech inventors and web scientists.

The Advent of the Cluster Workstation

If you haven’t seen a cluster workstation, then you’re missing out on one of the smartest designed computer lab desks on the market. Shaped like a trapezoid, these desks can be combined with another to create six different workstations around each angle. Each little station has partitions for privacy and designed with ergonomics in mind. They’re also adjustable so they can be set lower or higher for younger or older students.

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Paragon Furniture Featured in Oprah Giveaway

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Ocoee Middle School in central Florida impressed the queen of daytime TV, Oprah Winfrey, and received a makeover for their school library.  In conjunction with Target, the middle school library received a complete library makeover, 2,000 books and all new computers.  Furniture from Paragon were used in the makeover to create a fresh new library that invites students in to spend more time reading.  Check out the video that showcases both the new Paragon library tables with sleek curves and the ultra cool Wave Kiosk.

Oprah and Target Combine Forces on Library Makeover

The Ocoee Middle school was awarded this gift after impressing Oprah with their flash mob video presentation of a twist on a pop song with a literal meaning.  They were granted rights by the Black Eyed Peas to re-arrange their song “Gotta Good Feeling”, to create a literary awareness song called “Gotta Keep Reading”.  Here’s their award winning video:

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Paragon Furniture Monitors the Economy

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Paragon Furniture, makers of quality classroom computer furniture and masters of clever advertising, have been "monitoring" the economy. 

Paragon Furniture

Paragon has a comfortable view for any way you wish to see the economy’s condition or better yet, your computer screen.  Summer is a perfect time for schools to upgrade their computer lab and no lab would be complete without Paragon’s computer furniture line which includes Flat Panel Semi-Recessed Workstations, Cluster Workstations and Lab Workstations.  Support your economy and enhance your student’s computer skills by visiting www.worthingtondirect.com today for all of your computer furniture products.


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